St. Patrick’s Day in the Classroom

Saturday is St. Patrick’s Day so we have been busy in the classroom doing different reading and writing activities related to leprechauns, pots of gold, and rainbows. I found three fun ideas through Pinterest that I would like to share. The images below are the results of my first grade students.

Worth More Than Gold

The Teacher Wife blog provides a wonderful idea and printable based around a pot of gold. Students think of a person (or pet) that is worth more than gold to them. The blog offers different types of templates to create this project. You can download the templates from Teachers Pay Teachers for FREE.

Have You Seen My Pot of Gold?

Why do I love Scholastic? Because they have “mini-books”. And occasionally some mini books are FREE! Like Have You Seen My Pot of Gold? After finding this mini-book I searched Pinterest to see if anyone had an activity to go with it. I was in luck because Fabulous in First did! Her template can be downloaded HERE. Independently and together as a class, my first graders read this very simple 8 panel story. Afterwards they completed this activity page that requires them to remember the sequence of the story, the problem, and the solution. I changed the orientation of the template so that it would fit on my bulletin board.

 The Story:

The Leprechaun Who Lost His Rainbow

I’ve had a copy of this BOOK since I started teaching. It’s a really sweet story. My favorite part is that the leprechaun’s name is Roy G. Biv. I like teaching the children what his name stands for. They are always so excited to go home and tell their parents they know a neat way to remember the rainbow colors in order!

An activity for this book comes from First Grade Owls. You can download the template HERE. I really liked doing this activity. We got to discuss the word sacrifice and how Colleen had to give up something precious to her.


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