Toddler Summer Essentials


Summer is in full effect as of yesterday! Here are some of the items we find our essentials to our summer time fun!!

1. InStep Take 2 Double Bike Trailer: This bike trailer is FANTASTIC. It’s easy to set up and take apart. This size fits one or two children. When fitting only one child, they can still sit in the center. It’s roomy for Claire, who is long legged. There is a section in the back for storage, which is ideal when you are biking away from home. We were able to fit her backpack and a small lunchbox in the back section.

2. Stearns Puddle Jumper: We just recently bought this for Claire. Although we’ve only used it once, I find it eases my mind for her to have this on when walking around a pool area. She hasn’t quite got the idea of how to allow her body to float in it. Therefore she still wants to be held when she’s wearing it in the pool. She went to two swim classes last week that I think have really helped her confidence in the water. I am willing to bet the next time we take these floaties to the big pool she will do better!

3. Swimways Baby Spring Float with Sun Canopy: This is the second summer we are getting to use this spring float. Last spring/summer Claire was 2-5 months old. With underneath support she was able to “float” in this. I really liked it because of the canopy. This summer at 14 months+, she can float in it unassisted. She really enjoys being in a big pool in this float. I like how this folds up and fits in a small carrying case. It makes the haul of items to the pool a little easier!

4. Babies R Us Girls Water Shoes: My mother-in-law found these water shoes for Claire. I like having her wear these water shoes so that she doesn’t burn her feet on the hot pavement. Also, Claire’s not a fan of walking on grass, so she wears these when I put the blow up pool in the yard or when she has water day at school. They stay on really good. I have had many people stop and ask me at the pool where I found such small water shoes. I didn’t realize it was a hard find! Claire wears a size 3 and these come in as small as size 2!

5. Neutrogena Pure & Free Baby Sunscreen: I really like this Pure & Free sunscreen for Claire. It goes on evenly, isn’t sticky, and does not have an extra strong smell. We use the lotion and the face stick nearly everyday. On occasion I also use Waterbabies lotion and face stick.

6. Little Tikes Spiralin’ Seas Waterpark: Claire received this water table for her birthday in late March. We have already got plenty of use from it. Sometimes I don’t feel like setting up the kiddie pool. This water table makes Claire just as happy! She really likes the balls that come with it. Her favorite thing is to put the balls into the “spiralin'” section of the table.

7. Long Sleeve Rashguard Bathing Suit: The swimsuit pictured is from Baby Gap and is no longer available. We also have rashguards from Target that we love. Why rashguard? If we will be out in the sun for a long period of time, I feel more comfortable covering more of Claire’s fair and sensitive skin. These rashguards have UPF 50+ to protect skin from the sun.

8. Outdoor Swing: The swing we have (pictured) was a hand-me-down. There are many, many outdoor swings. I don’t necessarily have a preference. And I’m sure Claire doesn’t either!! She LOVES to swing. Since it’s not logical to get to the park every day, having this hanging in our backyard is perfect.

9. Huggies Little Swimmers: Whether it’s the Huggies or Pampers brand, these swim diapers are ESSENTIAL. If I just set the water table up, I don’t put a swim diaper on Claire. But if we are doing the kiddie pool or big pool, they are a must. And did you know you can machine wash them?!? At Claire’s swim class last week another mama let me know that they machine wash up to 4 uses!! So as long as they aren’t pooped in, they can go in the washing machine. Just remember to hang it to dry!

10. Crayola Sidewalk Chalk: Claire’s BFF got her some sidewalk chalk for Easter. Claire LOVED writing on the pavement with the chalk. It’s a little messy, but what isn’t at this age? I usually let her play with it at the end of the day (right before bath) or when she’s in her swim suit and playing in the pool. A quick dip in the pool gets rid of the chalk!

Below are some pictures from our spring/summer thus far. It gets HOT here fast, so we have already had a lot of “summer fun” already ;)!

So…what are your summer essentials?


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