Bathtime Essentials

photo 1

It’s part of our nightly routine to give Claire a bath. Lately bathtime has been before dinner, but we have definitely had our fair share of middle of the day baths. Although lately it’s shifted, I use to think that bath time was her favorite part of the day. She definitely still enjoys baths. However, now that she’s more mobile, she’s wanting to be on the move more. Having to remain seated in the tub isn’t her idea of fun past about 10 minutes these days!

Claire is 14 months and below are our/her current bathtime essentials!

bathtimeMunchkin Shampoo Rinser//Circo Towels and Washcloths//Skip Hop Moby Bath Spout Cover//Johnson’s Head to Toe Body Wash//Mustela Foam Shampoo//Fisher Price Disney Baby Nemo Nesting Bath Pals//Johnson’s Soothing Vapor Baby Bath//Aquafresh Training Toothbrush//Orajel Training Toothpaste-Flouride Free


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