1 Year


I cannot believe we now have a one year old. It’s been nearly two weeks since Claire has turned one. She’s no longer a baby :(.  She’s a TODDLER! And boy has it seemed like she’s changed so much since the last monthly post.

We celebrated her birthday with a pancake and pajama themed party. The party was very nice and we really enjoyed getting to celebrate Claire with our family and friends. Below is the party invitation we made and some pictures from her party. Click within gallery to enlarge and hover for captions.


We took Claire to the park for a 1 year photo shoot about a month before her birthday. We used the images on her invite (above) and as decor throughout our home for the party. Here are some of our favorites! Click to enlarge.

And if that wasn’t enough pictures…here are the pictures since her 11 month birthday 🙂


One thought on “1 Year

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