The Hunger Games

Like everyone else, I am obsessed with The Hunger Games. If you haven’t heard of it, you are missing out!  This “teen novel” is the new must-read series. I started reading the first book, The Hunger Games in the fall as a repeated recommendation from my best friend, Lauren. I couldn’t put it down. Then came the next two books in the trilogy..Catching Fire and Mockingjay. My favorite: Catching Fire. There were so many “ahhh” moments where I couldn’t help but make noises out loud.

This Friday the book-to-movie for The Hunger Game comes out. I have my t-shirt made and my midnight ticket purchased. I am SO ready. Here are a few of my favorite HG things:


This print provides a very popular quote from The Hunger Games. Print found on Tumblr.

“The Girl who was on Fire” print sold on ETSY at exlibrispaperdesigns’s Shop for $12.

“I Support the Girl on Fire” print sold on ETSY at EntropyTradingCo’s Shop for $13.99

This artwork was found on Pinterest and sadly it doesn’t link back to where it was originally from.


Silver cuff sold on ETSY at Serenitystorms’s Shop for $10.95

For the Team Peeta people…This mug found on ETSY at DailyGrinder’s Shop for $14.

For Team Katniss…this bow and arrow necklace from ETSY on dater’s Shop for $68.

China Glaze Capitol Colors Fingernail Polish. Polish came out Mid-March and can be bought at Sally’s and Ulta.

Each color represents the different districts. My favorites are China Glaze Agro (District 11 – Agriculture), a metallic olive green with flecks of gold, China Glaze Fast Track (District 6 – Transportation), a cool beige packed with gold micro-flecks, and China Glaze Foie Gras (District 10 – Livestock), a dark, moody mauve creme.

A cross between The Hunger Games and Harry Potter. Oh my! This is a District 9 3/4 shirt from The International Quidditch Organizaiton and is sold for $19.99

ECards from

For Fun

The next three items are from Living Locurto. The first are printable bookmarks, second are printable The Hunger Games party items, and third COOKIES!

The next three are wedding photo shoots that were inspired by The Hunger Games! Where was this when I was getting married??

Photo from Courtney Clarke and featured on The Wedding Chicks blog.

Photo from Lindye Galloway featured on Green Wedding Shoes blog.

Photo from Kellie Ann Events/Weddings and featured on Green Wedding Shoes blog.

This map of Panem is dubbed, “Perhaps the most well-reserached map ever of The Hunger Games Panem. It’s from io9.

How CRAZY is this Effie Trinkett doll? Featured on The Doll Affinity.

 Taylor Swift and The Civil Wars came together for The Hunger Games soundtrack (which came out this week)! Their song “Safe and Sound” is beautiful. Here is the video.

Lastly, this is the design my husband made me for a t-shirt. I can’t wait to wear it tomorrow night! You can ‘pin it’ by clicking HERE!


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