Classroom Posters

Over the past two-three weeks, I have been working on classroom posters and diagrams for my room. I teach first grade and took the opportunity of moving into a new room to redecorate my room a little. Here are some of the posters I have made. Some are made by hand and some were digitally made (with AR’s help).

Classroom Rules/Manners/Management

The first two poster ideas are just recreations of digital prints I saw on Pinterest. AR found similar fonts and recreated them for printing.

(original free download from eighteen25)

(from Vintage Rose Garden)

This tattling turtle idea came from Really Good Stuff. I wanted to change the design, but loved the concept. I decided to use a Franklin plush doll and incorporate it into my poster. With the plush and poster I will place a box and strips of paper for the students to write their tattles.

Curriculum Aid

Story Map to use with Post-It Notes for each story we read. Idea came from Growing Kinders.

Math Strategies

Writing Norms/Rules

The rest of the posters are to use when teaching long vowels. The long o and u were “inspired” by The Inspired Apple.


7 thoughts on “Classroom Posters

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  3. Just saw the long U one on Pinterest. I think those examples are for the short U, though. Aren’t use, excuse, accuse, abuse, confuse examples of long U? Love the idea. It will make getting this across so much easier.

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