Sound Friends

With the help of some teacher blogs, I found some really inspiring ideas that led me to the following, which I guess I can call “Sound Friends”. I came up with the ideas of how I wanted them laid out. AR designed my ideas digitally. I printed them, placed them on pieces of construction paper, and had them laminated. I can’t wait to hang these in my new classroom.

This mouse and cow friends represent the /ou/, /ow/ sound. I love their band-aids to help the students remember the sound they make!

“When two vowels go walking, the first one does the talking,” is a common saying in the 1st grade! Now…it’s illustrated!

ai and ay…they’re twins. I love this story. They are some bossy wives that have silent husbands! It follows the same rule as “when two vowels go walking, the first vowel does the talking”, but is going to be fun to tell!

The “bossy e” sure makes a lot of appearances in our spelling words! We talk about “him” often when long vowels are first introduced!

Love this one! (It was added to the post late)

Some ideas inspired by Phonetic Phollies by Author’s Lois Freeman & Candy Tennison.


19 thoughts on “Sound Friends

    • Christina,

      If you click the images you would like, they will open in a new window. Go to “File”, “Print”. Once there set to Landscape and make the scale 145%. That should work out fine for you.

  1. OMG! I have been looking for something like this in my SPED resource class. For some reason I can’t find the -ed, -ing poster you had in your classroom?

    Also, I love your geometric shapes. I went to the link, but those have kids on them and I just want them plain with the name of the shape just like you have around your board…but I tried deleting the picture of the graphic of the kid, and it wouldn’t let me. Did you buy the shapes or did you print them off? If you printed them please let me know how you did that.

    Thanks so much

    • I had to remove the -ed and -ing poster from my blog for copyright reasons. I’m sorry 😦

      I did not use the shapes with the kids on them. I didn’t even see those!! I just saw the picture of the bulletin board with the solid and 3D figures and labels. My husband is a graphic designer, so he just made the shapes in photo-shop, filled them in with color, and saved them as PDF files. You could easily do the solid figures in “Paint” or a similar program.

  2. Thats okay, I can try and make my own. Can you tell me what it says under the letters (the saying) I can’t read it in your picture, it’s too blurry. Thanks so much!


  3. Thank you so much! I have another question…oops I forgot to ask you. Is there a saying for the “ow” and the “ow”?


    • It’s ou and ow. The ou is a picture of a mouse. The ow is a picture of a cow. There is no saying. I just point out that both animals have a band-aid. They are hurt. When we are hurt we say /ou/ /ow/ . The words mouse and cow are examples of words using the /ou/ and /ow/ sound. 🙂

  4. These letters, stories and accessories are taken from my mother’s & co-author’s book Phonetic Phollies that was written many, many years ago. Please be sure you site their work when using these stories. They are both in Jonesboro, AR. Author’s Lois Freeman & Candy Tennison.

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