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This year I was able to move from the classroom I had been in for 3 years prior to a new room. Since I had been in my old room, not much had changed. Moving this year allowed me to think about adding some new ideas to my classroom. Here are some pictures, links, and explanations of items around my room!


Now that I’m in a building, I was able to decorate the outside of my door for the first time. My room is Dr. Seuss themed. When I told AR my idea of putting “Things” on the door, he came up with the wording…with a little help from my blog title! Here’s the door all ready for the Things that we’ll make the first week of school. Scroll down to see what the Things will look like!

The first week we’ll make these with their handprints. Something I’m going to do different is put their name on the inside white circle instead of “Thing 2”. I’m also going to take a picture of them to place as the face! I’m very excited about doing this!! (Things are inspired by: Little Kinder Warriors)

I saw this idea on Littlest Leaners and couldn’t wait to spruce up my clock. Here’s how mine turned out! P.S. The “What time is it?” was made using Picnik…I blogged about it last month Picnik Printables.

Geometry is something I teach for math each year. Inspired by a bulletin board on Step Into Second Grade, AR made me geometric shapes that I cut out, laminated, and added around our white board.

I made a lot of new posters this year. Some to hang on a chart to use when needed. Others to hang on the walls for year round decor and reasoning. I posted about them last month, but here they are in the classroom.

(The book, Don’t Squeal Unless It’s a Big Deal)

When I was in school, I remember being taught “Touch Points” for math. I never thought about introducing it to my students until I saw this image on What The Teacher Wants. I had AR make the numbers for me. I then taped them to construction paper and had them laminated. I can’t wait to teach the students this strategy to help them in math.

Inspired by Living Locurto’s morning routine cards for kids getting ready for school, I came up with the idea of having some routine cards made for our classroom. Just 3 reminders of what the children should do when they come in. I placed them above the calendar, as it’s something we do first thing in the morning as well. I posted about the cards last month.

Last month I also talked about the center labels I made. Here they are on the buckets. I just cut out the labels, rounded the edges, and placed them on the buckets with double stick tape.

Picture Tour

(Closet-Labels on bins made using Picnik…shown on my post Picnik Printables)

(Journal board using sheet protectors to slide their journals into)

(Children bring in post cards or have relatives send in post cards. We spend a couple of minutes during Social Studies talking about the place it came from on our U.S. Map or World Map. Afterwards, we put the card up and string yarn from the card to the location. Children like putting the cards in the mailbox and placing the flag up. They love Social Studies day!)

(Word Wall)


10 thoughts on “My Classroom

    • If you go to my post on posters, you can find the original link where the “Be Polite…” poster came from. You can also find the link to Really Good Stuff where you can purchase a Tattling Turtle kit. 🙂

    • Really Good Stuff, an awesome teacher site, sells “Tattling Turtle” posters that come with a toy turtle. The Franklin poster was personally designed for my classroom.

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    • The paper, border, and letters are just stapled to the wall. The words are put on with sticky tack. That way each year I just pull the words off and do not have to recreate a new word wall every year. 🙂

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