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My husband, Adam Rabalais, is a graphic designer. His true dream would be to work in film. He’s a HUGE movie buff and can name more movies, directors, writers, actors, and movie years than any person I know. He quotes movies all day long. Mix his love for movies and his artistic mind and out comes his alternate movie poster designs.

Adam started showing his designs on his Deviant Art page. Many viewers left comments on the posters about having an interest in owning his art.

Then came his Etsy Shop. He currently has 26 different movie posters available in either 11×17 or 27×40 (theatrical size). The 11×17 posters can be purchased in a 2, 3, or 4 pack for a reduced sale price.

Below are images of his 26 current posters. Scroll down to see some articles AR has been featured in recently.

A Paris magazine featured Adam twice. The first was written when he did a poster for Cowboys and Aliens (only on his Deviant Art page) and it got noticed by the film’s director Jon Favreau. See the article here.

Translation: T”his American has created a poster for COWBOYS AND invaders who drew our attention to his work, as old school as classy, covering the films of Bergman, Kubrick, Spielberg and Nolan. That night, director Jon Favreau swung on his Twitter profile link toDeviantArt Adam Rabalais. For the simple reason that the man had created abeautiful poster for the latest film from Favreau, COWBOYS ANDINVADERS. An album that reached U.S. theaters this Friday, and released in France on August 24. We’ll talk about. In the link given by Favreau that we discovered the work of Adam Rabalais, with undisguised enthusiasm. For versatility and talent with insolent enough, the designer explores the world of films as diverse qu’INCEPTION THESEVENTH SEAL, JURASSIC PARK, THE HIGH-or Clockwork Orange.Creations shared something in common: the look worn and past posters,which gives them a vintage charm the most beautiful effect. Below are our favorites. To discover the full Rabalais creations, visit his DeviantArt profile.”

The second article they did was portraying to their readers the art work Adam had done since their first article, paying a lot of attention to his Empire Strikes Back poster. You can read it here.

Translation: “After a very successful first round of posters of his own, the American illustrator keeps going with six new creations. In late July, we did discover the illustrator Adam Rabalais, who thendelivered a multitude of film posters, including replays COWBOYS ANDINVADERS, INCEPTION, HARRY POTTER, MOON and JURASSIC PARK.Today, on his DeviantArt profile, it reveals six new creations very successful, paying homage to The Empire Strikes Back, TRON, THE EXORCIST orInglourious Basterds. Still in its class vein slightly vintage …”

Sound on Sight discussed Adam in the same article as Olly Moss, an artist Adam is a huge fan of. Every exciting! They not only discussed his work and featured some images, but also talked about a UK site (Short List) that featured multiple The Thing posters, one being Adam’s.

In a Fandango (End of the Week Recap), they featured Adam’s Inception poster (about halfway down the page). They said:

Adam Rabalais created this awesome alternate poster for last year’s blockbuster Inception. The Baton Rouge, Louisiana native (who names The Shawshank Redemption as his favorite movie) has also created alternate posters for The Empire Strikes Back, Inglorious Bastardsand The Exorcist among others and, if you really like them, they’re available for purchase.”

A Brazil website called Garotas Nerds talked about his collections.

Translation:  “You get tired of posts about “posters or movie posters?” I’m in love with the way some artists use objects and classic characters and can refer directly to the film. After this explanation, following the work of the American Adam Rabalais that for our good fortune, can be purchased on Etsy in sizes 24 and 11 × 70 × 17.”

The Brain Bar (a German site) discussed his posters.

Translation: “One or the other alternative Posters by Adam Rabalais has already seen somewhere safe. Here is a whole lot of them. More on DeviantArt Profile Rabalais and Rabalais Etsy shop where you can buy the poster too, if you want.”

Geeks are Sexy featured the posters and stated:

“Adam Rabalais is a Baton Rouge based artist with a fondness for movie poster design. Here we’ve collected some of his best genre flick reworks–everything from “2001: A Space Odyssey” to “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.” There’s a lot to like here, but for more you can check out Rabalais’ shop, where the prints some in 24×70 or 11×17.”

/film also discussed his Inception poster.

Man Made Movies pointed out that Moon director Duncan Jones liked Adam’s poster for his film. The blog said:

“Great MOON poster by Adam Rabalais tweeted to the films Director Duncan Jones earlier this evening, who commented:

Love it! Gerty’s face always puts a smile on mine. ;)

Adam has been kind enough to give us permission to share his version of the movie poster. Click image to go to a much larger version, and have a look at the rest of Adam’s work, stunning stuff. Especially like this Nosferatu…

Awesomesauce spoke of his posters, saying:

“If you follow us at all you know that we utterly adore fan-made poster designs, especially minimalist ones. Luckily there seems to be no drought in the well of creativity that such designs spawn from, and today we bring you even more awesome poster redesigns by artist Adam Rabalais. I’ve got some of my favorites after the jump, and be sure to head over to his Etsy shop to buy some prints!”


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