Adam Rabalais’ Minimalist Posters

Back in August I did a post called AR’s Art to gloat about my husband’s latest alternative movie posters. Since August he has created 23 new designs and has caught many fans’ eyes.

Film writers Sean Hackett and Robbie Cox “discovered” Adam’s artwork and had him design posters for their current/upcoming films. Below are the posters for Hackett’s films Farewell Tour and Sanctity and Cox’s film ‘Til Death Do Us Part.

Fellow artist Tracie Ching and Adam came up with the Raba-Ching Challenge, as the two share a love for movies and art. The goal, according to Tracie is…

Pick a beloved movie. Pick a deadline. Create a poster.

The result…

Two (hopefully) badass posters and a ton of fun.

Since January, the two have created posters for Alien, Back to the Future, Firefly, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, and Leon: The Professional. For May, their poster will feature the 1985 film Legend.

Below are images of the newer posters and a few links to the generous things people are saying. All posters can be seen on his Deviant Art page. His posters can be purchased on ETSY. And you can “like” him on Facebook.

Articles, PodCasts, Interviews, & Videos

Dibufanta article translation:

Every so often, a creative genius reinvents posters and posters of the films that marked the lives of thousands. Now was the turn of Adam Rabalais, which gives us the poster for the movie Alien, 1979 in a style that has simplicity as the cornerstone and brilliance as a goal achieved. In my view an excellent work.

Adam did an interview with Anobium about his work.

Slashercast discussed Adam in a podcast back in January. The discussion starts around 1 hour 57 minutes. *Warning: Adult language.

Cinema Teaser talked about Adam’s posters for the third time. Article translation:

This American illustrator which we had already spent two items strikes againwith new and beautiful posters of his own.

Last July, we took turns first creations of the American illustrator Adam Rabalais,with posters of COWBOYS AND ALIENS, SHINING, INCEPTION, JURASSIC PARK or MOON. Less than a month later, we presented some of his othercreations, including posters NOSFERATU, TRON, STAR WARS or 2001.Rebelote today, with the latest creations of the designer, who graces us work just as successful, elegant and classy, this time devoted to ROGER RABBIT, BACK TO THE FUTURE, BATTLE ROYALE, HARRY POTTER or the Universalmonsters. Posters that we’ve obviously found his DeviantArt profile and only confirm all the good that one thinks of the man.

A great article from /film who once before featured his Inception poster now features a few of Adam’s designs.

Brandon from Nerdlocker is seen wearing Adam’s design for Friday the 13th which was sold on TeeFury back in September.

Comics Alliance has a nice write up and gives him props for NOT creating another poster with,

…crowded headshot clouds and little-to-no semblance of plot-associated content.

A local paper/magazine, Dig Baton Rouge, featured Adam in their article “Adam’s Poster Habit”.

Last, the people over at Rotten Tomatoes feature Adam in their 12 Days of Christmas Gifts. Adam’s posters came up first under poster ideas to give as gifts!



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