Mealtime Essentials Part 2

Back when Claire was 18 months (a year and a half ago), I did my first mealtime post. Mealtimes have not changed much since then but we have a few new products that we call “essential”  these days.


  1. Re-Play Recycled Tableware Bowls: These are actually on the first mealtime product post as well. I love these bowls. They are the perfect size still and are very useful. They wash well in the dishwasher. You can find them online (link provided) but I have also seen them and Re-Play’s other products at Walmart and Target.
  2. Gerber Graduates Kiddie Cutlery: About a month ago I bought these forks. It was getting more difficult for Claire to eat with the previous set of “sporks” we had. I wanted something metal that would make piercing the food a tad bit easier. These are great! My favorite feature is that on the underside there is a “rest easy support” that keeps the metal part off of the table when she sets the fork down.
  3. Fred & Friends Dinner Winner Dinner Tray: We got one of these plates as a gift for Christmas. We completely forgot about it until about a month ago. This plate is definitely a “winner” at mealtime. We have the original Dinner Winner one and I’ve been tempted to purchase the Enchanted Forest one as well. Claire loves playing the game to get to the prize. She’s also noticing patterns in her food: fish, potatoes, green beans, fish, potatoes, green beans… Love those teachable moments 😉 This is such a cute dinner plate and I think it would make a fantastic birthday gift!
  4. Tommee Tippee Section Plates: These plates also made our 10-12 month Essential post. So, we’ve been using them a while and they are still a favorite. Typically there are about three items served at dinner time, so this plate is perfect. It’s dishwasher AND microwave safe, which is a plus (Re-Play bowls/plates are not microwave friendly).
  5. Muchkin Miracle 360 Cup: I bought these cups for Claire for her 2nd Christmas. So we’ve been using them for nearly a year and a half. We have two and they have held up great! Claire can now drink from a regular cup, but I still do sippy cups at home just to prevent unwanted spills. This cup was a wonderful transition cup from sippy to normal cup. She can sip from any part of the lid, like a real cup. I have recommended this cup to several friends and family members and have only heard great reviews.
  6. Snackeez Jr. Cup: Who hasn’t seen the commercials on TV for these? A fun cup that holds a drink and snack in one. Claire loves her “Elsa cup”. The snack section is the perfect size for some small bite sized snacks. The cup holds a decent amount but is NOT spill-proof.

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