Potty Training Essentials

Claire has been potty trained for a little over 10 months now. Seems late to be doing a blog on the topic, but after one day last week when I was asked 3 times about the method we chose, I figured it was a good time to blog our favorite products.

When Claire was 18 months, we bought a little potty. I didn’t want to push training, but wanted the potty to be there to start conversation. From time to time she would sit before bath and a small handful of times she conveniently went potty and poop on it.

When she turned two (at the end of March), I could see more signs of her being ready. At the time, she was in the one year old class at daycare and would remain there for the remainder of the school year due to lack of space in the two year old room. Most at-school potty training happens in the two year old room, so I decided that I would start actual training come June when she would be home with me for the entire summer break. I wanted her to skip the two year old room and to do that, she would have to be potty trained. Going straight to preschool come August was my ultimate goal.

The route we chose for potty training was the Three Day Method by Lora Jensen. Below are the essentials that made those 3+ days as simple as this milestone can get.


1. 3 Day Potty Training eBook by Lora Jensen:
In May, a friend posted on Facebook that she was going to be starting the 3-day method with her son that weekend. I had heard of this method and read blurbs about it on some blog and Instagram post. I got a copy of the eBook and read it in one sitting. It made so much sense and I thought, “Why not?”. I highly recommend this method to anyone who mentions potty training to me. I recommend reading it about one to two months prior to when you’d like to start. Talking about it in the home is one key step.

2. Huggies Pull-Ups Training Pants:
I followed all of the book’s steps, tips, and tricks except for her nap/sleep times. We did get rid of all diapers, like suggested, but bought Pull-Ups. This was just a personal preference on my end. It was the only section that I felt I (nor Claire) was ready for. I included Claire in the process of collecting all of the diapers from around the house, diaper bag, backpack, etc. We put them in a tote bag and brought them to her teacher assistant who was very pregnant. I think giving her a reason to see them leave and knowing good and well we had zero diapers in the house helped. When I introduced her to the Pull-Ups for night and nap, I called them “sleep panties”. I explained that she needed to try to not wet them. We celebrated times when she woke up and they were dry!

3. Soft Training Potty Seat:
We bought this over the toilet training seat before training began. Very quickly I realized how much I preferred this sit. It was so much more convenient and cleaner. When potty training actually began, I bought another. I had a station set up in both of our downstairs bathrooms. Our master bathroom housed a potty seat, step-stool, wipes, and extra panties. The half-bath held the same as the master bath in addition to the stickers, chart, and rewards. We camped out in the living room for our “potty training boot camp days”, so the half bath was our go to bathroom. Tip: There are tons of designs for these. Let your kiddo help pick out the one they like…makes it fun!

4. Panties:
Panties. Get all the panties! I swear I had like 30 pairs set up. I kept a pile in both bathrooms and of course some in her dresser drawer. The first day might be full of accidents. Since they will need to learn what is happening to their body and how to “listen” to it, it is good to have plenty on hand in case this step takes them a little longer. In the book it suggests to keep them overly hydrated and full of fiber-filled foods. Therefore there are plenty of opportunists to “go”. With giving them more to drink and fiber-filled foods, they will be going more than a normal amount….like A WHOLE LOT MORE. So, just in case…have a plethora of panties. The less cycles of laundry you’ll have to do in those three days, the better. Tip: Letting them pick them out is fun and will get them interested ahead of time with what’s to come!

5. Flushable Wipes:
These are just a preference, but to this day I prefer to have these on hand. I don’t have a preference in brand. I usually pick up whatever is on sale or on Target’s Cartwheel app.

6. Reward Chart, Stickers, and Prizes:
I chose this sticker reward chart from The Caterpillar Years to guide Claire’s progress in the three days. I liked this one because of how it’s staggered in the way they receive stickers/rewards. For each time she went potty or poop on the toilet, she got a sticker. At the end of each section, she got a prize. With this chart, there is a total of seven prizes to be earned. I let Claire go with me to the dollar spot at Target and Toys R Us to pick prizes. I did six $1-3 toys (Doc McStuffins camera, Ariel microphone, princess water colors, etc.) and one larger prize for the end, a Mrs. Potato Head. We put them in order of how she would receive them and she knew that the larger prize would be earned once she filled her whole chart with stickers.

7. PRIMO Folding Potty with Handles:
By day five I was ready to go out in public. We had not left the house (or the living room) in four days. We were going stir crazy. I felt she was ready. On Day 1 she had 15 successes and 3 accidents which were all before lunch time. Day 2 NO ACCIDENTS! Day 3 had 19 successes and 1 accident. Day 4 had 2 accidents. By Day 5 I was ready to meet public toilets head on. Having this portable potty seat made the fear of public restrooms less stressful. An Instagram mama of mine recommended this seat. I purchased it on day one or two and thanks to Amazon Prime, we were ready to take on a public outing just when we couldn’t take house arrest any longer. This seat folds into a quarter of its size and fit nicely in her backpack with her extra change of clothes and other “diaper bag” essentials.

Again, I feel these products personally made this milestone less stressful. I look back and think of how much smoother the whole process played out. Below are some pictures of those first few days! Hover for captions and click to enlarge!



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