Valentine’s Day: You Make My World Colorful


While browsing through Instagram one day, I noticed one of my “friends” post a picture containing a cute Valentine’s Day idea: “You Make My Days Colorful”. Since Claire, and most of her friends are too young for sweets, I thought this was perfect. Endless possibilities: crayons, markers, watercolors. So, I picked up some crayons on my break today and spent the 30 minutes my students were at recess today with a paper cutter and hot glue. I created a new template instead of using Emily’s only because I didn’t have the ink to print 10 red pages. I’m only noticing now that I’m putting together this blog that I had changed the wording. I would have put money down thinking it said, “You Make My World Colorful”. Oh well! World. Day. Either way she loves her school friends! 😉

You can find Emily’s template for FREE at the link above. My template is HERE. Enjoy!

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