Recipe Review


I have been been meaning to blog this Creamy Swiss Chicken Bake from Lil Luna for a few weeks now. Adam and I have been trying to find new ways to do chicken. We were growing tired of always doing it on the stove top, so I looked on Pinterest for some new ideas. I came across this recipe three weeks ago and we’ve made it four times now! It’s sooo good. It smells delicious while baking and I just can’t wait for it to come out of the oven!

Things I did different:

  • I half this recipe. I half all ingredients except the cheese and garlic powder. For the garlic powder I do the same amount as the full recipe. For the Swiss cheese I only do 1 slice per chicken breast.
  • I did not bake for 1 hour. I thought an hour seemed long for our oven. So I have done it at 40 minutes. Tonight I baked 35 minutes and broiled on high for 5 minutes to make the top more brown and crisp!
  • I added Ricotta cheese to the mixture you put over the cheese and chicken. For half the recipe I did 1/4 cup. I didn’t do this the first time but have for all other times. I just so happen to have it in my fridge and it added an extra creaminess to the dish!!

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