10 to 12 Month Essentials


These are the things we found useful during the months 10-12. I have also blogged our 0-4 month essentials, 5-9 month essentials, and What’s in my diaper bag.

1. Alex Toys Tub Soup: One of Claire’s favorite bath toys. It comes with a bowl that is a colander, a spoon, salt squirt bottle, and several foam veggies. She likes putting the veggies in her mouth. I like showing her how they stick to the side of the tub!

2. Aden and Anais Securty Blankets: For the most part Claire hadn’t really shown much interest in any of the several loveys she has around the house. Around 10 months she started going to sleep and waking up holding on to one of these security blankets that I had thrown in her crib. The best thing about this blanket? It is a two pack! I keep one in her crib at home and she has one in her crib at school. Just this morning she cried when I made her leave it in the crib. It had to make a trip downstairs for a couple of hours.

3. Skip Hop Zoo Pack: As Claire is getting older and requiring (a little) less items on the go, I find this backpack to be useful. We actually have two: the cat and owl. I like that it has the big and small pocket as well as the side pouch. Hopefully by this time next week I will done packing bottles for school. One of our Skip Hop bags will be replacing the diaper bag for sure!

4. Tommee Tippee Section Plates: I’m a little OCD. Well more than a little. I love section plates. Like, a lot. They make many, many kinds. And although the character plates are cute , I really love these fun solid section plates from Tommee Tippee. They have three sections, are dishwasher and microwave safe, and come two to a pack.

5. Board Books and Highlights Hello Magazine: Claire has a thing for turning pages. Board books and the Hello magazine are a favorite of hers. I like board books for their durability and small size. The Hello magazine from Highlights was something we were introduced to when Claire’s aunt “T” got her a subscription for Christmas. Each month she gets a new magazine. It’s filled with stories, poems, and picture finds. She LOVES these magazine. I’ve caught her many times just sitting down and going back and forth through the pages. Once she lasted 9 minutes just flipping through the pages.

6. Step 2 Wagon for Two Plus: Santa Claus got Claire a wagon for Christmas ;)! We love having this wagon. We’ve done a few trips around our neighborhood and at the park. I’m excited to be able to use it for trips to the zoo and future trick-or-treating. This wagon was picked over the popular Radio Flyer wagon for a couple of reasons. I liked that this one had a door and I honestly just thought this one was cuter. I also like the cup holders and snack/toy cubby.

7. Bright Starts Walk a Bout Walker: We first put Claire in this walker when she was about 4-5 months old. She mostly pushed herself backwards and played with the toys on the tray. About a month into using it, she would go stiff and fuss when we tried to put her in it. I put it away (easily under her bed since it collapses) for a couple of months. It came back out around 9-10 months old and she LOVES it. She literally RUNS around the house in it. It’s quite funny! I like this walker because it’s light weight, doesn’t have too much extra stuff to it, and is easy to store.

8.Maclaren Umbrella Stroller: This strollers has been so useful in the last few months. I find this one to be heavy duty, yet light weight. I like the little pouch and under storage. They are the perfect size for stuffing her Skip Hop backpack and other essentials in. Our Infantino Stretch fits perfect on this stroller. Adding extra storage.

9. Fisher Price Click ‘n Learn Remote: By far the toy I find in Claire’s hands the most (if you don’t count books). I can sing along with every little tune it plays. And yes, it drives me a little nuts. But it makes C happy and is a good replacement when she steals the real remote!


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