Recipe Review

It’s been a long time since my last recipe review. I honestly haven’t tried anything new lately to review. This recipe is all my husband, Adam. He’s a fan of Gordon Ramsay and found the below video online. I now prefer (these) scrambled eggs over any other way to prepare eggs. They are that good!

For the past month or more we have had breakfast for dinner on Wednesday nights. It’s my favorite night of the week for dinner. I look forward to it each and every week. If we’re home for Saturday and/or Sunday breakfast, Adam will make them again. This week I was lucky enough to get them twice :). My favorite way to eat them is with toast. I scoop a little of the eggs on the toast and eat it like an open face sandwich. So good!

TIP: Ramsay’s recipe calls for Crème fraîche. Do yourself a favor and get this if you can. Trader Joes sells it at a great price! I’m also sure you can find it at Whole Foods and Fresh Market. There is a decent substitute using sour cream and heavy whipping cream that Adam has used. It does work great, but the CF really adds to the flavor. Also, Adam will add shredded cheddar and Feta or Goat Cheese. The eggs don’t need the cheese, but it’s a nice touch.


One thought on “Recipe Review

  1. I really like to watch his at home cooking shows. He’s so kind to his children it’s hard to believe what an arse he is in the workplace. Looking forward to trying these eggs!

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