What’s in my diaper bag?


  1. Skip Hop Day to Night Studio Tote: I wanted a diaper bag that didn’t necessary scream DIAPER BAG. I love this Skip Hop tote. It’s the perfect size. It fits the essentials and doesn’t allow me to over pack. I love the many compartments. It has three outside zipper sections, three outside pockets, and six inside pockets.
  2. Munchkin Arm & Hammer Pacifier Wipes: These wipes come in handy when C hums her toys or pacifier on the floor of the doctor’s office, restaurants, and grocery stores.
  3. Tommee Tippee Pop Up Storage Cups: I love these storage containers. I have each one always packed with C’s favorite snacks. I keep them in the cabinet ready to go. If we are going to be out and about, I just pop one or both into our diaper bag. I usually keep a mix of Puffs and Yogurt Melts in one and Lil’ Crunches and Wagon Wheels in the other.
  4. Huggies Shea Butter Wipes: For the longest time we used Huggies One and Done Cucumber and Green Tea wipes on C’s bottom. I really liked the thickness to these wipes and they had a great smell. That was until every time we smelled them we thought of poop :(! So about a month ago we switched to a new scent. Now I’m sure after a while I might feel the same, but for right now I LOVE the smell of these Shea Butter wipes. I buy them in large quantities and refill our wipe containers all over the house and in our diaper bag.
  5. Boon Plum Dispensing Spoons: Once Claire began eating fruits and vegetables, I purchased some of the food pouches for when we are on the go. These spoons attach perfectly to these pouches. They come in a carrying case which make it easy to throw in your diaper bag. I have found that they fit perfectly on the Plum, Earth’s Best, Gerber, and Target Up & Up brands.
  6. Nuk Pacifiers: Claire began using the Wubbanub Pacifiers when she was born because it was the only pacifier that would stay put. At 4 months we were all set to start daycare. I didn’t want C to have her Wubbanub at school, so we went through MANY different pacis to find the right one. The Nuk brand was the winner. Although now she’ll take the Dr. Brown and Tommee Tippee types, the Nuk is still her favorite. We have the JJ Cole Pacifier Pod attached to our diaper bag carrying a couple of extra pacis in the event we need them.
  7. Boogie Wipes: LOVE THESE! They keep Claire’s runny nose from getting too raw, they smell great, and have saline in them! We prefer the “Fresh” scent.
  8. Playtex Lil Gripper Straw Trainer Cup: This straw sippy cup has been one of the two most successful sippy cups we have had with Claire. I like the straw feature because C is learning early how to drink from a straw and it’s one of the only no-spill cups that will allow her thick formula to come through. At her nine month well visit, our pediatrician recommended that we start offering some bottle feedings in a sippy cup. She says some babies will refuse to take milk in a sippy cup because they associate it only with juice and water. This cup, as well as the Nuk Learner Cups, have been the only two no-spill cups that have worked. I also like that the Lil Gripper cup has handles, unlike most other straw cups. We thank C’ BFF (and her mom) for pointing us into the direction of this cup.
  9. Tommee Tippee Bottles and Tommee Tippee Formula Dispensers: We have used the Tommee Tippee bottles from the very beginning. Claire took to them very easily. What I like best about these bottles is the feature of the Formula Dispensers. Since Claire has GERD and is on a thicker formula (and we add extra rice cereal), her bottles shouldn’t be pre-made. I can store the formula and rice cereal in the dispenser, which then fits into the bottle with the water. It saves space in the diaper bag because it fits inside the bottle rather than having an extra container to store! It makes my OCD very happy!
  10. Target’s Up & Up Baby Food Pouches: Pouches for baby food is the new thing. And I get why. It’s convenient for on-the-go purposes. But…they can be expensive! When Claire first started purees, I picked up a few different brands: Plum, Gerber, Earth’s Best, and Target’s Up & Up. She liked all kinds. The Target brand usually runs 89 cents a pouch. With the Target Cartwheel app, I can get them for 80 cents. The name brand pouches are no less than $1.29 unless there is a sale. The Up & Up brand has about 10 different varieties; some are just fruits, just vegetables, or a fruit/veggie mix. They are sold in-store only and not all Target stores carry all the varieties. We have two Target stores here and one carries three different flavors while the other carries at least ten! Claire has tried every kind and hasn’t turned her nose up to any. We stock up on these and keep them organized in our Munchkin Baby Food Pouch Organizer…another OCD happy for me. FYI: The Boon Plum Spoon dispensers work perfectly on these!
  11. Skip Hop Pronto Changing Station: We have this changing pad that matches our diaper bag. It fits perfectly in the center of the bag. What I like most about this changing station is that it has a handle/strap. It makes it convenient to only take the pad. It has a wipes case and an area to store diapers. So if you want to ditch the heavy diaper bag for a short outing, this changing station can be taken on-the-go all alone. I also like that the pad can be separated to the storage section by unzipping it.
  12. Munchkin Arm & Hammer Diaper Dispenser: Ever been somewhere that you had to change a dirty diaper and there isn’t a garbage can? These little bags sure come in handy if you have to take the dirty diaper along with you until you can dispose of it. They also came in handy when Claire had a horrible spit up incident at a school function. I popped her dirty clothes in there until we could get home. They really control the odor! Our diaper bag has a clip feature that I have clipped this dispenser to. That way it’s easy to find when needed. No fishing at the bottom of the bag looking for it when you have a dirty diaper in the other hand!
  13. Make My Day Silicone Baby Bib: Claire’s Uncle Matt got her this bib last Christmas (before her arrival). We use it EVERYDAY! At each meal time this bib is used. It’s also thrown in the diaper bag when I know we’ll have a meal on-the-go. I like this one more than the Tommee Tippee brand bib we have because it fits more snug under her neck. It makes meal times less of a mess and cleans good with a good wipe down or in the dishwasher.
  14. Aden + Anais Swaddles: Everyone’s favorite swaddles. One of these blankets are rolled up in the side pouch of our diaper bag at all times. They are worth every penny.

So, what’s in your diaper bag?


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