5 to 9 Month Essentials


Back in August I did a post of the essentials we used during Claire’s first four months. You can find it HERE.

These are just a few items we found most useful during months 5-9!

1.HABA Magica Clutching Toy: For the past month I find that Claire constantly has this toy in her hand. It can be at the bottom of the toy bin and she will find it! I love the bright colors and that this is a wooden toy instead of plastic. Seems more old fashion!

2. Fisher Price’s Disney Baby Finding Nemo Soothing Sea Soother: This has been in Claire’s crib since before her arrival. Every now and then it would get turned on if the mobile was out of batteries. I witnessed on the video monitor that Claire had discovered this crib toy. She turns it on herself and changes the music or sounds when the buttons are pushed. I like it’s subtle sounds and the fact that it can be either music or ocean sounds. Also, we love Disney…so it being Nemo is a plus!

3. Fisher Price Little Super Star Classical Stacker: Claire LOVES this toy. She doesn’t quite get the concept of stacking the pieces in order yet, but she does quite a bit of taking them off and putting them on. As well as in her mouth! I like that this stacker lights up and plays music. A little step up from the original Fisher Price stacker 😉 .

4. NoseFrida the Snot Sucker!: THE BEST nonsense baby item out there. It seems gross but it’s the best nasal aspirator when you have a stuffy little one. In my opinion it is 100x better than the brown “ball” they send you home from the hospital with. The feeling that this one is truly clean is one of the main reasons I like it over other nasal aspirators. The tube on the NoseFriday is clear. I can see what is in, or not in, the tube. I feel that the item is properly clean after each use and before the next use. I never feel like the brown ball aspirator is clean. You can’t see what’s hiding inside! For those of you who still think it’s gross, The NoseFrida has a filter. So no need to worry! You won’t be sucking up any of your baby’s snot!

5. Fisher Price Infant to Toddler Rocker: For the first 6 to 7 months we had Claire in the Fisher Price Snugabunny Deluxe Bouncer. It was a great bouncer. But now that she’ s bigger and has perfected an escape route, this rocking chair has taken the bouncer’s place. Claire takes her bottles in this rocker. I like that it has the option to not rock, by putting up the kickstand feature. I feel more secure with Claire in this chair. She can’t lean forward to the floor like she could in the bouncer. Plus, it’ll be a great chair for her to grow into as it becomes a small rocking chair for toddlers to sit in!

6. Dunck Stacking Bath Toys by Skip Hop: These are great for bath time. Claire pretty much likes putting them in her mouth. I like filling and emptying it with water. She finds it funny. They’re also helpful to rinse her hair!

7. Nuk Learner Cups: When it came time for Claire to start getting water during her meals, I pulled out the two Tommee Tippee brand cups we had from our baby showers. Claire uses Tomme Tippe bottles, so I thought she would take to them. One had a spout that was just too hard and the other had the perfect spout but was too large and heavy for Claire to lift up to get a sip. So, wIth no luck, I was sent to the store for another option. I bought the The First Years Take and Toss Sippy Cups since I saw many older school mates drinking from them AND they were Disney Princess :). Again, no luck. Finally a coworker suggested the Nuk Learner Cup. Only found at Walmart, this cup was the first cup Claire took to. She took to it right away. The cup has the option to have the handles or not. Claire likes the handles on this cup. This was a great cup for her to learn on. She can now drink from her Princess cups as well as the Playtex The First Lil’ Gripper Straw Trainer Cup.

8. Crane Drop Humidifier: We got this cool mist humidifier when I was pregnant. It came right when I was going through a bad sinus infection and came in handy. I used it for about two weeks. It was then placed in Claire’s nursery. It was used for a short span when Claire was 6 months and came down with her first cough. Now we run the humidifier every night to help with Claire’s allergies. I like that it’s easy to clean (no filter), provides a subtle light, and is not noisy.

9. North States Superyard Ultimate: This lovely item was given to us by a past student’s parent. Once Claire began crawling, she was EVERYWHERE. Into the DVDs, attempting to try out the cat food, in and out of each room. This play yard has made it easy to keep her in one place when needed. We placed her large play mat (from the 0-4 month essential post) in the pen. We also keep her bin of toys inside the pen. It’s large enough that she has plenty of room to crawl around and play. She also loves to pull up on the walls to kneel and stand.

10. Plum Dispensing Spoons by Boon: Once Claire began eating fruits and vegetables, I purchased some of the food pouches for when we are on the go. These spoons attach perfectly to these pouches. They come in a carrying case which make it easy to throw in your diaper bag. I have found that they fit perfectly on the Plum, Earth’s Best, Gerber, and Target Up & Up brands.


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