8 Months

8 months already! This has been a crazy month…


Claire had 4 doctor trips this month. Poor baby couldn’t catch a break! Long story short 1.)bloody nose…allergies 2.)fever…double ear infection 3.)rash…penicillin allergy 4.)check up and 2nd flu shot….all is good. She still has a cough from a drip due to allergies. She seems to be cursed with my allergies and her daddy’s constant cough! Boo!

Our wobbly crawler has been cruising the house at full speed all month. The progress from the first time crawling to one week later was CRAZY! Needless to say she gets into EVERYTHING now. Her favorite things to “explore” are the DVD rack and the cat food. The new play yard we have is a blessing and has calmed my nerves quite a bit about having a Christmas tree in the house very soon.

Claire has continued to eat solid foods and eats just about everything except peas. She’s now eating more “snacks” and really enjoys yogurt and Gerber Waffle Wheels.

We had her first Halloween and Thanksgiving this month 🙂 Both of which were fun even though our Halloween trick or treating was rained out. Thankfully she doesn’t know any better 😉

Here are photos from the past month. Hover for captions. Click to enlarge.


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