6 Months

It’s her HALF BIRTHDAY! Woohoo! Seriously? 6 months has just flown by! I cannot believe it!


This month has seen a lot. She has continued to eat “real food” and has decided she does not like peas! We don’t like peas either! So I guess that’s okay ;). This month she started noticing the cats. They will walk by and she will now follow them with her eyes until they’re out of sight. She’s had her first cough and has been under a cool mist humidifier at night since last Saturday. I feel so helpless! Thank goodness it’s going away. She started sitting up. She can sit unassisted for a good 5-20 seconds. Longer if she’s occupied with a toy. The Boppy has come back out and helps her sit up on her mat to play.

Love these…



Below are some pictures from the past month. Click to enlarge. Hover for captions!


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