5 Months


5 months! I think the time frame from 4 to 5 months went by the fastest so far. She began solids at the first day of her fourth month. She had two weeks on rice cereal and then began eating veggies and fruit. She’s had squash, pears, and peas and has loved all three! C has become quite quick at rolling from place to place and plays with her toys (as they are intended) more and more these days. Her favorite toys contain crinkle paper! Everything ends up in her mouth and her feet are usually in her hands (if not a toy). The biggest change this month has been the start of school. C has been in daycare for two and a half weeks now and LOVES it.

I love seeing the changes from month to month. The boxes are getting smaller and smaller these days 😉

IMG_9212 IMG_9214

Pictures from the past month. Hover for captions. Click to enlarge.


One thought on “5 Months

  1. So cute!! And I’m so glad she’s eating her veggies and fruit!

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    Celebrate the ripple of muscles and the competent way you protect your back when you are lifting.

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