0 to 4 Month Essentials


Along with the universal lifesavers of Sophie the Giraffe Teether, Aden + Anais Swaddles, and the Boppy, I found these 10 items to be our most used and well loved items over the course of the last four months.

1. Fisher Price Soothe & Glow Seahorse: This has been used with Claire since day one. On the nights that she is put down to bed awake, we use this soother. I love its soft glow and it has a decent length of music. Claire’s eyes are drawn to the light of the seahorse and she’s often asleep before the music is done. This is also one of my favorite items to give as a gift!

2. Baby Einstein DVDs: Our TV is likely either on Disney Junior or playing a Baby Einstein DVD. No, Claire doesn’t watch TV all day!  I like to have either on just so the house isn’t silent. She’ll “watch” either if if she’s awake and I need to jump in the shower or prepare dinner. Otherwise, it’s on in the background as she plays or is being fed. I love the Baby Einstein DVDs for a few reasons. They are tranquil! I love the classical music that is played. It’s a nice break from animated cartoon noise and commercial TV. The images are almost hypnotizing. I even find myself engaged in the different segments of moving toys, water, and images. We own three: Baby Mozart, Baby Beethoven, and Neptune’s Ocean.

3. Carter’s TEETHING Bibs: I LOVE these teething bibs. Claire has Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). All that means is that she spits up a lot. And in the beginning it was A LOT. She’s getting better, but these bibs have been a tremendous help! Because they are teething bibs, they are lined to help with soaking up drool. Drool, spit up…it helps with both! I have gone through less bibs and clothes in a day since Claire has started wearing these bibs! They are THE BEST!

4. Tommee Tippe First Feeding Spoons: Claire just started on solids a week ago. We have three different Tommee Tippe brand spoons. These First Feeding Spoons are labeled 4-7 months and therefore were the ones we decided to try first. This is a collapsable silicon spoon that makes feeding a 4 month old for the first time SO much easier. I am swearing by these spoons. The silicon makes it SO much easier to scoop the rice cereal into her mouth, as well as off her chin 😉 . I also tried the other two types of spoons we have: Heat Sensing Spoons (labeled 4+ months) and Feeding Spoons (labeled 7+ months). The Heat Sensing Spoons weren’t too bad. They do have a softness to the spoon part, which may help transition Claire from the First Feeding Spoons to the Feeding Spoons. The Feeding Spoons are your typical hard plastic spoons that are meant to help introduce baby to feeding themselves.

5. Tiny Love Super Mat: We’ve had this mat for only a week now and I sure wish we would have had it weeks ago! It’s an extra large “developmental playground” that allows for more rolling/crawling. The mat features a mirror, horn, multiple textures, a teether, toy ring, and two peek-a-boo sections. The features encourage movement of rolling and crawling. I bought this because Claire was constantly rolling off of her 25×25 Infantino Deluxe Twist & Fold Activity Gym and Play Mat which was a great gym for the first three months when she was less mobile. It served it’s purpose well with tummy time and encouraging her to roll. Once she started moving more, we needed something bigger. We have hard wood floors and I didn’t want Claire rolling over and smacking her head onto the floor. This “SUPER” mat did the trick, as it measure 59×39! I would recommend just going with a large mat like this one and skipping the smaller mats that only work for your baby for the first two-three months.

6.Angel Care Video Monitor with Sensor Pad: When I was looking into monitors, I read MULTIPLE reviews on the Angel Care monitor with Sensor Pad (no video). One blog I read was recommending items for a baby registry and said “If you put nothing else from our post on your registry, put this!” The sensor pad goes under the baby’s mattress. It monitors movement/breathing of your baby. If no movement is detected, the parent’s monitor is notified. Claire’s room is upstairs so I knew right away that if she was going to be sleeping that far from us that I wanted this sensor pad! My husband wanted a video monitor. At the time that I began to register for baby items, there was not a compromise. Then, by some miracle 😉 Angel Care came out with this! A video monitor WITH the sensor pad. I registered for it at BOTH Target and Babies R Us because it was something I so desperately wanted. I knew in the back of my mind how pricy it was and decided to save up all of our gift cards to purchase it before Claire arrived. Luckily, my brother-in-law knew exactly what he wanted to get Claire the moment he found out we were expecting: a video monitor. So, lucky us…we were given this monitor as a gift. Why do I love this product? The sensor pad and video is a given. I also like that it monitors room temperature. We have just one AC unit and with Claire’s bedroom upstairs, it’s hard to regulate the temperature. We live in South Louisiana and it gets rather hot in the summer. The monitor allows you to set a high and low temperature setting. If the room gets below or above the desired temperature, the parent monitor is notified! I couldn’t be happier with this product. I felt so much more at ease transitioning Claire upstairs.

7. Chewy Tubes Ps & Qs: A friend of Adam visited us while at the beach last month. Her six month daughter was gnawing on a Q. I hadn’t seen or heard of these until then and was glad we got the recommendation for these wonderful teethers. These teething toys are great for biting and chewing practice. The stick of the P can go to the far back of Claire’s mouth (near where molars appear), but the hump of the P prevents her from choking or gaging. The Q is easy for Claire to pick up and hold and she likes running her tongue along the cross part. These are latex and lead free, as well as non-toxic!

8. Baby Trend Snap and Go: This is a stroller “skeleton” that is universal. We have the Chicco KeyFit 30 carseat and use this stroller with it. We chose to purchase this stroller instead of getting the Chicco system because of size. The system strollers are bulky, heavy, and take more trunk space. The Snap and Go is light weight, takes very little trunk space, and is easy to open and shut.

9. Johnson’s Hand and Face Wipes: I like these so much that I keep a set in her diaper caddy at home and a set in the diaper bag. Regular wipes can be harsh on newborn and infant skin, so I really like that Johnson’s offers a face (and hand) wipe that I feel won’t irritate Claire’s face. And at an affordable rate! With the amount of spitting up she does, these wipes have come in handy. Also, Claire likes to keep her hands clinched. Since she has discovered her hands and wants them in her mouth constantly, these wipes help keep her hands clean and smelling fresh!

10. Cloub b Sleep Sheet On the Go: This sheep has been used EVERY night with Claire. It features four sounds: gentle stream, ocean waves, spring showers, and whale songs. It can play for either 23 or 45 minutes. I like the “On the Go” version of the Sleep Sheep because we are able to velcro it to her crib railing or carseat handle. When I know we’ll be in the car for a long period of time or when she’s sleeping away from home…the Sleep Sheep comes too!

11. Fisher Price Rock ‘n Play Sleeper: This is our favorite borrowed item. Claire slept in a cradle in our bedroom for the first 12 weeks before moving to her own crib. At about 10 weeks she stopped wanting/needing a middle of the night feeding, but would still wake up once and a while (usually around 5 AM). I found that she liked to be re-adjusted from sleeping flat on her back. For about a week, I would get her from her crib and put her in the swing. She would continue sleeping two or so hours in the swing. Well…after a week of sleeping on the couch while she was in the swing, I was quite over couch sleeping! We borrowed a Rock ‘n Play so that I could get Claire from her crib and still be able to sleep in my own bed. Because of it’s design, she wasn’t flat on her back and could easily get comfortable and fall back to sleep for a couple more hours. Even though she’s now over this stage and sleeps the entire night in her crib, I haven’t given this item back to it’s original owner!  I’ve grown to also like this sleeper because it’s easy to bring into the bathroom or kitchen. Claire can sit in it while I shower, get ready for the day, or prepare dinner. It was also brought with us when we went to my parents for a few nights and on our beach vacation where a Pack ‘n Play was not an option. I’m not quite sure when Claire’s BFF will have this item returned 😉 It’s definitely been a lifesaver!


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