Taco Tuesdays (Recipe Review)

photo 2

Well it’s been quite some time since I did a recipe review. Funny enough, the last one was exactly one year ago to the day! I’ve been a little busy 😉

For the last four or so weeks, Adam and I have been having Taco Tuesday. We love tacos (and fajitas) and it’s easy to always know that you’re having one or the other every Tuesday. I found THIS RECIPE on Pinterest a few weeks ago. I decided to give it a try tonight when I picked up hard shells from the grocery instead of soft tortillas.

I will NEVER make my tacos any other way. NEVER. If in the event I want soft tacos…this recipe would still work. I would just maybe skip the oven part. I made the tacos very similar to the MIH recipe. I only did half of her recipe, as there are just two mouths to feed in our house. I also left out the onion and used Cheddar instead of Colby Jack.

Why are these better? Well…

  1. They were 99% mess free when eating
  2. They were extra crunchy
  3. The cheese was all ooey gooey 🙂
  4. “They were crispy and delicious” (Adam’s opinion)

photo 1


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