1 Month

1 Month

In one month our lives have been turned completely upside down. We came home from the hospital not even two full days after having Claire. I couldn’t be happier with our “new” life. However, I’m not going to lie or sugar coat our first few days. They were ROUGH. You expect to have no sleep. You know that you will be tending to the baby 24/7. However, no one quite tells you how much pain the new mom is in when leaving the hospital. I’m sure it’s different for each woman and how their delivery went.

For me, I was feeling good the day after delivery. I had some swelling and pain, but nothing one dose of pain meds couldn’t knock out. It wasn’t until the second day that the pain and swelling really set in. Well, this is the day they just so happen to send me on my way. With a lack of pain medication and a bed that lowers for you to lay down, I found myself crying only ten minutes after walking through the front door. I was the hard ass that told my mother and mother in law that we wouldn’t need help coming home or for the first night. Tears ensued and I begged my husband to call both moms.

As for Claire, we were told her jaundice levels were high. Bright and early the next morning we had to venture back to the hospital to have labs run. Results showed levels of 19 (normal is under 12). Claire had to be put on a billy bed. We’re thankful that home help came and brought a bed to our house. We didn’t have to admit Claire to the hospital. The bed got set up in our living room and we were told that she had to be on the lights 24/7. We were only allowed to pick her up to feed and change her every 2 hours. Torture! Not being able to snuggle and comfort your three day old sucks!



Adam’s snuggle time. It was Easter Sunday. She couldn’t wear clothes being on the lights, so we settled for a large Peep bow!

Home help came the next two days to take blood and run labs. After 48 hours on the bed, we were told Claire could come off. Two days doesn’t seem like a long time…but I swear it felt like she was on that bed for a week! We were so happy to have her off. She spent her first Easter strapped to the bed. Disappointed she couldn’t model any of the Easter apparel we had for her…she spent the day after Easter sporting some Peter Rabbit 🙂


So happy to hear her levels were low enough to take her off the bed, we thought the clouds were parting and it’d be sunny skies from here on out.  That was mostly true for Claire. Our only other worries for her were some spit up problems which resulted in her not gaining weight. A change in formula has helped that issue tremendously and in one month she has gone from 7 pounds 11 ounces to 8 pounds 4.5 ounces. The cloudy skies remained for me. The day we took Claire off the billy bed was the same day I ended up going back to the hospital. High blood pressure and a lot of swelling kept us there for nearly 4 hours. Almost half of which had me separated from Adam. This experience let me know real fast that I do NOT like going to hospitals. About five days later I felt like a new person. Pain, swelling, and blood pressure had reduced greatly. Then the bladder spasms started. Friends joked and said “Sooo, when will y’all have another baby?”. This recovery has made it clear that it will without a doubt be a few years before I want to go through the recovery process again!

Enough about me and back to Claire. One month! I can’t believe it’s already been that long. She has changed our lives. Below are just a few of the MANY pictures throughout the past 5 weeks. (Hover for captions…click to enlarge)


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