39 Weeks


Baby Size: At 39 weeks the baby is the size of a mini watermelon! Average length is 20 inches from head to heel and little over 7 pounds.

Total Weight Gain: 10 pounds. I lost 7-8 pounds in the first 12-15 weeks of pregnancy. I then gained that back plus the additional 10. So technically I’ve gained 17-18 pounds.

Stretch Marks?: Nope!

Sleep: Sleeping is rough. I toss and turn and get up to use the bathroom all throughout the night. The 38th week was quite miserable, as I went through my 3rd round of a sinus infection. Doctor had me start using a humidifier, which helped a lot!

Best moment this week: At my 38 week appointment last Tuesday we set a date! If Claire doesn’t come on her own before her due date, I will be induced on that day (March 27). At my 39th week appointment yesterday there was no change, so it seems we might just be waiting 7 days to see Miss Claire!

Miss anything?  Not much. Of course food and being comfortable. Nothing new!

Cravings: Junk…still! I noticed the snowball stands opened…

Movement: Still some good movement and hiccups.

Labor Signs: Braxton hicks contractions and some slight ankle swelling.

Belly Button in or out? Definitely out!

Wedding rings on or off? On!

Looking forward to: Her arrival 🙂


3 thoughts on “39 Weeks

  1. Love it, Brit. Can’t wait.

    Yvette Combel, CPFT Innovative Body Designs IFPA Certified TRX Certified MovNat Practitioner tricop@bellsouth.net (985) 630-3449

    Celebrate the ripple of muscles and the competent way you protect your back when you are lifting.

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  3. Pingback: I Fell Down and a Baby Popped Out. | Enchanted Seashells…Confessions of a Tugboat Captain's Wife

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