32 Weeks


Baby Size: At 32 weeks the baby is the size of a jicama. A jicama? Can’t these sites come up with something more common?!  She’s about 16 3/4 inches from head to heel and we found out yesterday that she is 3 pounds and 15 ounces.

Total Weight Gain: 6.5 pounds…okay, some explanation! I lost 7-8 pounds in the first 12-15 weeks of pregnancy. I then gained that back plus an additional 6.5. So technically I’ve gained 13-15 pounds. Losing the weight in the beginning and then being diagnosed with having gestational diabetes have resulted in the low number of pounds gained. All being normal, according to my doctors.

Stretch Marks?: Thankful, no. I’m hoping to not see any!

Sleep: I sleep pretty good. Around 9 o’clock I can barely keep my eyes open (if not before then). I sleep heavily off and on throughout the night, only really waking up when she’s kicking or for the multiple trips to the bathroom. Over the course of the 6 weeks since my last post, the most trips to the bathroom at night was SEVEN!

Best moment this week: Yesterday was both the most nerve wrecking day and I guess the most exciting in the past week. I started my own Google researched diet after finding out about GD on the 8th of this month. On the 15th, I saw both a dietician and a nutritionist. I then had a specific plan for how and when to eat from here on out. Yesterday was my first Maternal Fetal Medicine appointment. I was nervous because they would evaluate my blood sugar numbers that I have been recording four times a day for the past two weeks and check on her weight gain (GD babies can be born overweight). If my numbers or her weight didn’t look good, I would potentially have to start an oral pill to stabilize my sugars and/or insulin. Well…all went well! They did about an hour-long ultrasound and checked everything that they checked at the 20 week ultrasound. The tech and doctor both had positive things to say and I don’t have to go back for another 4 weeks. The best thing? We got to see Claire again and go home with four new 3D images (and some 2D too)!

Miss anything?  Food. The diet is no joke. I wouldn’t say it leaves me (too) hungry, it just leaves me wanting something sweet. And I’m not a fan of the time frame between eating.

Cravings: King Cake. I didn’t have any before the diet started and I realllllly want some. Bad thing is…the season will be long gone by the time I could have some 😦

Movement: Lots of it. She spent a good month kicking my left side but she (and my doctor) has recently discovered my roomier right side. So, I have a feeling she’ll be there the majority of the remainder of the pregnancy. Also, I started to feel her hiccups in the past week or two. She’s had them everyday for the past three days!

Labor Signs: None so far!

Belly Button in or out? In-ish…don’t think it’ll be much longer.

Wedding rings on or off? On…Thankful I haven’t had any sort of swelling. Even after working all day and being up on my feet, I’m still “normal” at the end of the day. (knocking on wood as I type…)

Looking forward to: A continuation of a healthy pregnancy, finishing up her nursery, and seeing her in no more than 8 weeks!


4 thoughts on “32 Weeks

  1. So glad to hear everything is going so well! You are like the least-puffy pregnant woman I have ever seen – it just looks like you’re smuggling a watermelon under your shirt. Miss you!

    • Haha, that’s a compliment! I’ve been lucky and have had ZERO swelling. I’ve had several people tell me “well you’re not that big…your face is still small…you have ankles”. I hope it lasts the next 8 weeks! I find this picture makes me look wider than I believe I am. Might be the stripes! Miss you too! Keep me posted about when you guys will be back from Africa! Looks like y’all are having a good experience!

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