It’s a…

On Friday, Adam and I went to see our baby in 2D and 3/4D.  Originally we were going to have the technician write down the gender on a card. However, the day before the appointment Adam and I decided we wanted to find out on Friday. At our appointment we got to see our baby for the first time in seven and a half weeks! There were (visible) arms and legs this time! We got to hear and see the heartbeat…147! The 3D showed us a little button nose, which I’ve called a “Who Nose” ever since. And of course, we found out the gender. We then went over to the bakery and ordered a cake for our reveal party with family and close friends that was planned for Sunday (today). Keeping it a secret for 48 hours was nearly impossible!

Here are pictures from our party…

The Guest

Team Pink

Team Blue (which also included my sister and brother)

Team Cheaters 😉

The cutting of the cake…

It was hard to tell, but the icing is in fact PINK! It’s a GIRL!

Meet Claire Olivia!

Showing off the new ultrasound pictures!

Adam and I are both VERY excited!


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