15 Weeks

Today I am 15 weeks and 1 day along. Here is how it’s been going since my last post:

Baby Size: At 15 weeks the baby is the size of an apple.

Sleep: Sleeping is good. My only problem lately has been rhinitis. Which I just so happen to read about in my “You’re 15 Weeks Pregnant” email from Baby Center this week. It’s a stuffy nose. It happens right when I am going to bed and often in the middle of the night. Getting a humidifier this weekend is in the plans. I hope it helps!

Best moment this week: Getting an appetite back and slowly beginning to cook again.

Miss anything?  Not much. Maybe having a little more energy in the afternoons. That’d be nice!

Cravings: Cheese Bagel Bites, Cheetos, and Coke Icees. Healthy, right?

Anything making you queasy or sick: Meat. I still won’t go down the meat aisles at the grocery store or cook meat. If it’s already prepared, I might be able to eat it. Depends on how I feel and typically I feel sick in the evenings (dinner time).

Have you started to show yet?: Yep. I’m still wearing normal shirts, skirts, and some dresses. I have one maternity dress I wear and the yellow top above is also maternity. Pants have been helped out by belly bands and rubber bands. They fit when standing…not when sitting!

Gender prediction: I’ve been back and forth lately. We scheduled an appointment to find out the gender at the end of next week!!

Looking forward to: Next Friday. We get to do a 2D, 3D, and 4D ultrasound. We plan to find out the gender. It’ll be kept secret (even from us) until we can get together with our family on Sunday. Are you Team Boy or Team Girl??


6 thoughts on “15 Weeks

  1. Brit, you look so sweet. I wish you both health and prosperity in your new child. I know he/she will be an awesome child. Much love,


    Oh, Girl.

    Yvette Combel, CPFT Innovative Body Designs IFPA Certified TRX Certified MovNat Practitioner tricop@bellsouth.net (985) 630-3449

    Celebrate the ripple of muscles and the competent way you protect your back when you are lifting.

  2. I better be face-timed next Sunday. You know I always work…but fame-time me around 4, and I’ll be able to talk. I’ll just avoid Facebook all day if you post it before you get to talk to me 🙂

  3. I say GIRL… But only because that is all I know. I also cringed at the sight, smell, or even thought of meat in my first trimester. I never had morning sickness, it was always evening queezy ness. I can’t tell you how many times I turned my nose up at done really amazing dinners, prepared for my by my amazing husband. Many times I opted for cereal instead.

    Good luck Brittnay, it’s a heck if a road, but exponentially worth it.

  4. So happy for you both! Congrats Brit!!! I’m “Team Healthy Baby”! God bless you and keep you and baby healthy!

    Cheri and Mike,
    I’m so happy for you as well! What a wonderful experience…Grandchildren are such a blessing!!!

    Love and Hugs to all!

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