Recipe Review

The recipes below were made as side dishes to the Crock Pot BBQ Chicken I made (which came out fantastic). These two side items were just a good. They complimented the BBQ chicken sandwiches we ate. Both were equally as easy to prepare and required few ingredients that aren’t already stored in the pantry and fridge.

Sweet and Spicy Cucumber Slices from Our Best Bites

I had cucumber salad for the first time a few Halloweens ago at a party. Since then I have tried multiple recipes and have failed to find one that I loved. Most require white vinegar which is just too strong of a taste. Others require Italian dressing which I am just not a fan of. This recipe from Our Best Bites was my last hope. I am so happy that I gave it a try. These were very delicious. They call for rice vinegar which is a lot less strong than white vinegar. I also liked that it called for red pepper flakes. Living in Louisiana, we don’t like bland food. The red pepper flakes were a perfect compliment in this dish. I suggest anyone who is a cucumber fan and isn’t afraid of a little bit of spiciness should give it a try.

*Tips: Rinse the cucumbers before adding the reduction. After reading the reviews I made sure to taste my cucumbers after they sat in the fridge for an hour with salt. They tasted extremely salty. So, I took the advice of others and rinsed them before adding the reduction.  A second tip would be to have at least 30 minutes for the cucumbers to soak in the reduction in the fridge. The rice vinegar will help cut the remaining saltiness the cucumbers had. Plus, it’s better served very cold!

Skinny Scalloped Potato Gratin from Skinny Taste

 This is my fourth recipe from Skinny Taste and the second in a week! I find that these recipes are not only easy to make, but you forget that they are “better for you” recipes. These potatoes were no exception. I used mini golden potatoes for this recipe as the larger Yukon Gold were not available. They still tasted great!  Using a mandolin slicer made this a quick prep side dish. I would definitely make this again and may even double the recipe next time. We had just a few bites left over and I would prefer to have more next time!

These dishes and the BBQ chicken were served when my brother-in-law and his girlfriend came for dinner. They enjoyed all three recipes just as much as I did. All three made for a prefect little dinner party meal!

For all you Pinners out there. I have a new board where I am putting all of my “Recipe Reviews”. You can find the board HERE.

I also have new boards that link to my blog for the EDUCATORSDIYers, and RECIPE MAKERS.


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