Recipe Review

Yesterday for lunch/snack I made what is called “Texas Trash” on Pinterest. The original blogger who posted the recipe refers to it as “Warm Bean Dip”, which I prefer. I’m not really into calling something I’m about eat “trash”. I halved the recipe ingredients (except for the refried beans) and used all fat free, reduced fat, 1/3 less fat items to make this a little less fattening. It took all of 5-10 minutes to prepare and after 25 minutes in the oven it was ready. It was delicious. It was supposed to last all week as something to snack on. It didn’t make it 24 hours. Thanks Life as a Lofthouse!

P.S. I went to Target this morning and bought another can of refried beans. I have the other half of all the other ingredients I bought yesterday. I’m curious to see how long I can go without making this again!


For all you Pinners out there. I have a new board where I am putting all of my “Recipe Reviews”. You can find the board HERE.

I also have new boards that link to my blog for the EDUCATORSDIYers, and RECIPE MAKERS.


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