Recipe Review

Not wanting to leave the house to pick up groceries led to finding something to make for dinner where I already had all of the ingredients. I made something new and something I’ve made a handful of times.

Easy Garlic Chicken from Food.Com

I’ve passed up this pin on Pinterest SO many times. When looking for something to make for dinner last night, I finally clicked the link to see if I had everything, as the caption said “only 4 ingredients”. I had everything needed and decided to make it a go. Yes, this was an easy dish to make. Yes, it was flavorful. No, it was not moist or juicy. All of which is most likely my fault. I had thinly sliced chicken breast instead of a normal cut. I reduced the oven temperature thinking that would suffice. Well, at 15 of the 15-30 minute cooking time, the chicken was still pink. So, I turned up the temperature a little and let it go for another 5-8 minutes. Too long! It was slightly dry and even though it was flavorful, I couldn’t get past the dryness. Recipe fail! Hopefully I’ll make this again and try not to screw up. I think it’s worth another shot.

Yellow Jasmine Rice by Budget Bytes

This is something I’ve made several times before. It is always good. Always consistent. Always a pleaser. The only thing I do different from the recipe is to use white rice instead of jasmine rice. The first time I made it I had a hard time finding jasmine rice that wasn’t in the economy size. White rice works just as good. I like the flavors that come from the turmeric and cinnamon. I’ve made this dish to serve along side something. I have also made it just to eat alone. It’s that good!

*Tip: Use the chicken broth…I once realized I didn’t have broth after starting the rice and substituted water. NOT THE SAME! The broth gives it so much flavor!

For all you Pinners out there. I have a new board where I am putting all of my “Recipe Reviews”. You can find the board HERE.

I also have new boards that link to my blog for the EDUCATORS, DIYers, and RECIPE MAKERS.


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