A New Look

On Thursday I hit 100 posts on the blog. Instead of working on lesson plans today, I worked on updating my blog (and a little on my classroom website). Over the past 100 posts I have changed the layout once or twice but have never been fully happy with it. Also, I have added things here and there to update the look. The most recent changes before now were adding buttons to a few of the blogs I follow.

(the new look)

I have been wanting to add social media buttons for quite some time. My problems were finding buttons that were cute and FREE. Also, easy enough for me to add. I married into a family full of artist and computer savvy people. I’m not capable of drawing/painting my own buttons, nor am I a HTML queen. After finding some cute and free buttons on Pinterst, I then headed over to the good ol’ Google for some searching on how to add them. There wasn’t one article or site that did the trick. After going through four or five of them I figured it out! And I didn’t have to ask my graphic designer husband for help!

As for the layout, I just searched through the free templates on WordPress and previewed about 20 before choosing Ideation and Intent. My favorite part of the new layout is the fact that there is no “next page”. As long as you keep scrolling, the site will automatically keep adding post. I’m also a fan of the “photos” section. It’ something you don’t see on other blogs!  Overall, I would love to have a fully unique look and blog that is created with my own graphics, but I’m all for the FREE templates. And from what I’ve noticed, having a custom blog with WordPress cost money.

Anywho…for those who are interested in my new social media buttons, you can find them over at Lil Blue Boo. She has two sets for free: The Scribble Set and The Sketchy Set. It was really hard to choose which set to us. REALLY HARD!

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