Recipe Review

Yay for my 100th post! Also, double yay for getting back into making new dishes for dinner! We’ve been going through a few phases at our house:

1. Making recipes I’ve already blogged about

2. Eating dinner out because we’ve just been busy and it was easier

Well, summer vacation has officially begun and I have more time to sit down and figure out what I want to make, make a grocery list, do the shopping, and actually cook!

This week for dinner I made three new recipes:

 Creamy Garlic Pasta from The Cheese Pusher

This was very easy to make and was very good. Pros: I had all the ingredients at home already. Most ingredients are staples in any kitchen. Con: Do not make this as the only thing you eat for dinner. This should be served as a side dish to a nice piece of grilled fish, steak, or chicken. This pasta is VERY rich. You can’t fill up on just this without getting sick! As we were eating dinner, I compared this to “Pasta-roni”. Much, MUCH better than the box stuff and from scratch! You’ll never pay for another box of that crap when this is just as easy to make!

Chicken with Artichoke Hearts and Feta Cheese from Skinny Taste

This was another recipe that I just happened to have the ingredients at home…yay for a cheaper grocery bill! This recipe grabbed me when I read that it was only 3 points in Weight Watchers for one serving. I don’t do Weight Watchers, but knowing that a dinner was only 3 points pulled me in. I went with skinless boneless chicken breast instead of thighs. Other than that, I followed the recipe to a tee and it came out delicious. I served our chicken and artichokes over a small serving of brown rice. I would definitely make this dish again. It would be something super easy to make if you had dinner guest coming over. It takes very little prep and broils in the oven with only needing to be turned once.

Crockpot Chicken Teriyaki from Lake Lure Cottage Kitchen

Other than frozen stir fry and egg rolls, I have not ventured out into the Asian cooking. This was a first! This recipe is one of my new “favorite things” for a few reasons. First, it’s a crockpot recipe. Woohoo! Second, it only took 4 hours on low instead of 8. Therefore if you decide to make this for dinner and have the 4 hours instead of the typical 8-9 hours, this will work. Lastly, it was de-li-cious! Now, mine didn’t come out looking exactly like the picture below, but nevertheless it tasted great. I think mine differed in appearance due to me cutting the recipe to 1/3. When cooking for two (three tonight, as my brother-in-law was here for dinner), one does not need 12 chicken thighs! Therefore, I did three pieces of chicken (breasts instead of thighs because it was just what we had!). I believe the cutting of the liquids to 1/3 reduced the amount of liquid that was available at the end of cooking to make the sauce. Next time I think I will just reduce the chicken to 1/3 and maybe only reduce the liquid ingredients to 1/2. I served this over brown rice which worked perfectly!

*I used low sodium soy sauce after reading the reviews to the recipe where some reviewers mentioned it was too salty!

For all you Pinners out there. I have a new board where I am putting all of my “Recipe Reviews”. You can find the board HERE.

I also have new boards that link to my blog for the EDUCATORSDIYers, and RECIPE MAKERS.


4 thoughts on “Recipe Review

  1. Thanks for the reviews, I should try some of these. I laughed at your comment .”I don’t do Weight Watchers, but knowing that a dinner was only 3 points pulled me in.” Great post!

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