How to Blow a Bubble Writing Activity

I am always looking for fun ways to make writing more enjoyable. I have come across a few good ideas over on Pinterest and some of my favorite teacher sites. I found The Teacher Wife‘s post on Bubble Gum Fun, who was inspired by Mrs. Lee’s Kindergarten‘s Pink Day activity. Mrs. Lee’s kindergarten class filled in the word “pink” to describe bubble gum.  The Teacher Wife created a sequencing template for her second grader’s writing activity, which is SUPER CUTE. The blog offers a free download of the sequencing template HERE. I used the sequencing template for my first graders. Instead of having the students create construction paper images of themselves, I wanted to use a photograph. I “Googled” for ideas and saw Mr. Sweet’s Fantastic Fourth Graders‘ blog. These fourth graders wrote a “How To” on bubble gum where he included a picture of the kids with the same “bubble gum” balloon.

Since we were covering sequencing again this week, I figured this bubble gum activity would be perfect. I gave each child a piece of Bubble Yum bubble gum. I have never seen children so excited. Chewing gum AT SCHOOL was “so cool”. We practiced blowing bubbles and came up with the steps of what was needed to ensure a good bubble. After we had the steps written out on the board, the children were instructed to take the steps and turn them into three to six sentences. They did a rough draft on a piece of paper. After an edit, the children transferred their sentences to the template.

Prior to activity, I took photos of the children and printed them in 4×6. After two trips to the store and three bags of balloons, I found the perfect size…5 inch. I poked a hole right below their mouths in the photograph. My kind husband blew up the fourteen balloons and I attached them to the photo by pulling the tie through the hole and taping the back. I used yellow polka dot magic tape to attach to the construction paper.

The kids really liked this activity and couldn’t wait for their friends to see it hanging in the hallway.


One thought on “How to Blow a Bubble Writing Activity

  1. Thank You so much for referencing me in your post! I’m honored! I love sharing the fun things we do in our classroom. This was a fun project, and the students learned so much about descriptive writing. Most couldn’t even get to the second step on their rough draft because they forget to use unwrapping the gum as one of the first steps. It was so funny to see their face as they were testing their instructions with their partner. Thank You for sharing our fun activity!

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