A Mighty Girl

I came across this new site yesterday with the tag line, “The world’s largest collection of books and movies for smart, confident, and courageous girls”. I was hooked. I am a first grade teacher, I love children’s books and movies, and I found myself this year being a Girls on the Run coach which helps empower girls in 3rd-5th grade to stay true themselves and live free from societal stereotypes.

Within 24 hours of finding the site, I have surfed AMG for it’s resources, LIKED them on Facebook, became a follower on Pinterest, and sent an email out to my students’ parents about how wonderful of a resource this can be.  In doing some research on how the site came to be, I liked reading that the site was created by people who had a difficult time finding books and movies for their nieces. The information page states,

A Mighty Girl is the world’s largest collection of books and movies for parents, teachers, and others dedicated to raising smart, confident, and courageous girls.After years of seeking out empowering and inspirational books for our four young nieces, we decided to create A Mighty Girl as a resource site to help others equally interested in supporting and celebrating girls. The site was founded on the belief that all children should have the opportunity to read books and watch movies that offer positive messages about girls and honor their diverse capabilities.Girls do not have to be relegated to the role of sidekick or damsel in distress; they can be the leaders, the heroes, the champions that save the day, find the cure, and go on the adventure. It is our hope that these high-quality children’s products will help a new generation of girls to grow and pursue whatever dreams they choose — to truly be Mighty Girls!

What I like best about this site is it’s organization. I am a tab bit OCD. AMG helps you find books, movies, and television based on recommended age, category or topic, language, award winning books, and price value.

Recommended Age
As a teacher, I want my students to be challenged with their reading. I want a book to grab their attention and be appropriate for their age and reading level. A book that is too easy or hard for a child can gear them away from reading. AMG helps you narrow down media that is appropriate for ages 0-13+ in five age categories.

The way AMG categories their books is AMAZING. There are 6 main categories: Mighty Girls and Women, Fiction, General Interest, History/Biography, Personal Development, and Social Issues. Within these categories are multiple topics. Here are just a few of the topics that I found were special to this site and to girls:
  • Might Girls and Women: Role Models, Women’s History
  • Fiction: Classics, Multicultural Fiction
  • General Interest: Animals/Nature, Jobs/Money
  • History/Biography: United States History, World History
  • Personal Development: Daily Living, Life Challenges
  • Social Issues: Abuse/Violence, Poverty/Hardship, War/Conflict

  • Language
    Coming from a language immersion school, I like that the site offers books in English, Spanish, Chinese, and Japanese and movies/television in English, French, Dutch, and German.  There are just a few foreign langauge choices now, but I’m sure as the site grows that more and more possibilities will become available.

    So if you are a parent, teacher, or “other” to a girl who can benefit from the tons of resources A Might Girl has to offer, help spread the word. AMG’s FAQ page states that you can help support the site by:
  • Spread the word about A Mighty Girl!  Like us on Facebook, tweet about us, pin us on Pinterest, tell your friends on Google+, email the leaders of your Girl Scout troop, and call your mother to share the good news!
  • If you are going to purchase a book or movie listed on A Mighty Girl, please click the “Buy from Amazon” button on that product’s A Mighty Girl page listing.  By doing so, at no added cost to you, we receive a small commission from Amazon which helps to pay for our site-related expenses and allows us to maintain and grow the site.
  • Recommend products to add to the site.  We would love to hear your suggestions for books and movies to add to A Mighty Girl.  And, we would like to expand to include toys in the future so please feel free to send your recommendations for toys as well.  To send your recommendation to us directly, please use the “Contact Support” button; to post your recommendation to the site’s public forum, please use the “Give Feedback” button.
  • Write product reviews and share them with others.  To write reviews, simply create A Mighty Girl account and select the “Write a Review” button on any product page.
  • Make a donation to A Mighty Girl.  This site was created by a wife-husband team as a labor of love.  Your donations help offset some of our site-related expenses and allow us to continue to maintain and grow the site.


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