There are so many cute prints out there in the Internet world. A few months ago I spent some time finding old frames around our house and at the local Good Will. For our bedroom, I picked 6 frames that I thought I’d spray paint. After putting the prints into the frames and laying them out, I realized I liked the antique eclectic look of the frames just as they were.

I learned a trick from none other than Pinterest to help me get the set up just right from the floor to the wall. With the use of tissue paper, I traced the frames, cut the “stencil”, and taped them to the wall where I wanted the frames to go. Adam then put in the 6 nails and voilà I was ready to hang them up. No use of the red laser or level.

*The bottom of this posts tells you where you can buy or download these prints.

iPone pic of the tissue paper trick.

After Pics

Other pics of prints (and art) around our home.

Click to find out where to buy and download these prints:

1.Every Day is an Adventure

2. Adventure is Out There!

3. Home Sweet Home

4. Be Silly. Be Honest. Be Kind.

5. As You Wish print was made by my husband. It was inspired by THIS PRINT sold on ETSY.

6. Be Kind to Yourself

7. You Are My Sunshine

8. You is Kind. You is Smart. You is Important.

9. Live Your LIfe on Purpose.

10. Coffee is ALWAYS a Good Idea.

11. Ice Cream

12. Forks and Spoons

13. An original painting of our home from friend,  Logan Berard. She does WONDERFUL work. You can follow/”like” her on FACEBOOK, take a look at her shop on ETSY, and follow her board on Pinterest.

Be sure to follow my Pinterest board: PRINTS. 🙂


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