Easter DIY

We are currently in the middle of “renovating” our attic. For some reason or another our attic is not arranged in a way to store anything. We’ve been okay without the storage space until now. Adam is laying down wood in places to store boxes so that hopefully we can clear out our closets. Currently all of my holiday decorations are stored in a very small under the stair closet. And since I really can’t stand to have to pull out all of my other holiday decor to reach the two boxes of Easter decorations…….I have opted out of decorating this year. Sad, I know. Maybe next year with all of this new storage space I will be able to buy and make new decorations to add to my older ones. I think that would make up for it!

Here are some Easter DIY ideas:

Shredded Wheat Birds’ Nest from Kelle Hampton’s Enjoy the Small Things. She makes these with a bag of marshmallows, butter, and shredded wheat cereal.

Easter Egg Garland from Crafty Endeavor.

Bunting made using paint chips from Modern Parents Messy Kids. LOVE this idea. After you read this post go hit up the local Home Depot for free paint chips!

Dana Made It shows you how to do these adorable felt Peeps bunting.

I’ve featured this lunch idea on my Back to School Lunch and Snack Ideas post. Idea from Lisa Storms.

Chenin Boutwell from Fudge Banana Swirl shows you how to make this very cute bunny finger puppet!

Love these non-traditional ways of decorating eggs. The first from Martha Stewart (also featured on Fudge Banana Swirl). The second and third use double sided adhesive tape and glitter from Better Homes and Gardens. The fourth and fifth use Japanese washi tape from Better Homes and Gardens.

Happy Easter!


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