Green Thumb

I wish I had a green thumb. One of my Bucket List goals is to grow my own food. We currently have a small above ground garden that has held up well for the past two years. It has provided us with infinite basil and green onion. It also supplied some chives, oregano, and tomatoes at one point. Nowadays the “garden” is mostly weeds with a few green onions to spare. I enjoy being able to walk in the backyard whenever I needed ingredients for a recipe. My goal this spring is to re-do our mini garden. I want to make it larger and have it contain more vegetables and herbs. I would also like for it to be organized in a way so that I do not have certain plants (basil) overpowering other plants.  Through Pinterest, I have found a lot of cute, inexpensive, and creative ways of doing this. I’m hoping these ideas help me (and you) get inspired.

This idea of using wine crates will help keep the plants contained. Directions on how to from LLH Designs.

I really like this method for hanging plants. Hutch Studio sells the set up (spoon hanger and jar) for $15, but I think this is a simple DIY project. I can see this attached to our fence with herbs.

If you have a lot of space, which I don’t, this idea I found on Google looks amazing. The submerged pots help control growth of spreading plants.

I think this Save the Rain article and instructions on how to make your own “rain-collection barrel” is awesome. As the article states, “It’s free, it’s easy to store, and it helps make flowers, grass, and gardens thrive. It’s rainwater…”

Old rainbows sure do look cute filled with plants and secured on a fence! Photo by: Rosy-Posy.

Don’t like rain boots? What about tea kettles? This picture makes me want to hit up every Goodwill in town! Photo found on Funky Junk Interiors.

Design Sponge feature these Chalkboard Panting Pots. I really like this idea for indoor potted plants.

This photo is captioned on Pinterest as, “Raised beds for $10”. That’s pretty cheap. Instructions on how to DIY @ Ana White Homemaker.


From Ashley Ann Campbell of  Under the Sycamore and feature on Design Sponge comes my favorite set of DIY markers.

Love, love, love these next two markers. Hate that they were found on Pinterest with no direct link to how they were made or where you can find them!

Painted Stones

Recycled Wine Corks


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