Recipe Review

The last two nights I got back on the Pinterest recipe making train and have made two delicious meals. Here are my thoughts:

Ginger and Cilantro Baked Tilapia from theKitchn

This was so easy and DELICIOUS! I pinned it after reading the caption “This is still, by far, hands down, THE BEST thing I have found on Pinterest. Period. It’s mind blowing in its flavorfulness! I have it at least once a week.”

The most tedious thing was cooking the accompanied and optional brown rice. I had no idea brown rice took 50 minutes to cook!

Tip: I saw in the comments section that this dish was watery and too powerful with cilantro for some people. The recipe calls for 2 pieces of tilapia. I made 4 but kept the other ingredients the same. I think this reduced the possibility of it being watery or powerful.

I will definitely be making this again soon!

Carmelized Honey Dijon Chicken from How Sweet It Is

I’m always looking for different ways of making chicken. I think if I have to make “rosemary chicken” one more time I might lose it! This was simple to prep and cook. Took no more than 15 minutes. We ate this with two sides, but next time I might try it in a wrap like the blog suggests. I think it would also be good served cold over a salad the next day!

Roasted Parmesan Green Beans from Skinny Taste

These fresh green beans were a nice side for the above chicken. They were crunchy and flavorful. I followed the recipe to a tee!

Honey Roasted Potatoes from My Tasty Treasures

These were AR’s favorite part of our meal tonight. And I agree. Who doesn’t like potatoes? These were made with melted butter, dry mustard, and honey. I left out the onion. I chose to do these with the dijon chicken because they both incorporated honey. My favorite part of these were the chewy parts that were slightly burned from broiling it at the last two minutes of the cook time! Yum!

To find these recipes on Pinterest, click HERE.


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