Noodle Metamorphosis

Today we read the story See How They Grow: Butterfly in our 1st grade English reader. I love this lesson. I think my favorite part is hearing the kids say “caterpillar”!

To extend the story, I did a Noodle Metamorphosis. This idea was inspired by Somewhat Simple. She did the life cycle of the butterfly on a paper plate using noodles.

I created an activity sheet that you can download here: Noodle Metamorphosis (PDF).

My student’s sheet did not contain the words. Instead they were given a blank circle on one colored sheet of paper and the words on another strip of colored paper. They were asked to cut out and paste the words and noodles in the correct order to show the cycle. They loved doing this activity.

To do this you’ll need:

  • activity sheet
  • navy beans (eggs)-yes, I’m aware these aren’t ‘noodles’…you can use orzo too!
  • rotini noodles (caterpillar)
  • shell noodles (chrysalis)
  • bowtie noodles (butterfly)
  • liquid glue


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