Recipe Review

Three new recipes for review! All found on Pinterest. You can follow my boards by clicking HERE or on that little Pinterest button under my picture >>>>

Pasta Roban with Shrimp from Semolina’s

Semolina’s is a Louisiana original restaurant. There was one in the town I grew up in and two in the town I now live. Their “Shrimp Roban” was something I ordered nearly every time I went. It’s a shell pasta with a spicy cream sauce. I always got it with shrimp, but I hear they do “Crawfish Roban” too!  I saw someone pin a recipe for this dish and was SO excited. It was an easy meal to make and was extremely good. Since I cook for two, I did half the recipe. I also reduced the amount of heavy cream and blackening seasoning, as I found it called for too much. I was so thrilled with how it came out and kept saying how much it tasted just like the restaurant’s recipe. One more pasta dish to add to my recipe box!

Slow Cooker Pot Roast from Marie’s Cooking Adventures

Man did this smell good when I came home from work!  This recipe is getting A LOT of praise over on Pinterest. I kept coming across it and decided to click and read the recipe and reviews. It has 7 ingredients and can be made in a crock pot…SOLD!  I had never made a roast before, so this was a new adventure. I decided on choosing a 2.5 pound chuck roast. I cooked mine with potatoes and carrots, like the recipe. After reading reviews, I only used half of the Ranch and Italian season packets, as many people said that for smaller roasts, you wouldn’t need all of it. Adam thinks next time just to include the entire packet, as it would give it more flavor. The flavor in this meal with the only thing lacking. It was extremely tender and melted in our mouths, but something was missing when it came to taste. Don’t get me wrong…it was delicious! We concluded that we are both use to our mom’s stuffing their roasts with garlic, so next time I’m going to do this. I have a feeling that garlic was the missing flavor I crave when eating roast.

Spaghetti Bolognese  from Real Simple

I used this recipe to get an idea of how to make a spaghetti with meat sauce in the crock pot. I didn’t really make a true “Bolognese” with onions, celery, and carrots. I omitted the veggies in the recipe but kept all other ingredients and instructions the same. This was another meal that smelled so good after coming home from work. My only tip for anyone looking at making this would be to get a leaner ground meat or maybe use ground turkey. The ground chuck left a good amount of grease at the top of the sauce. Before serving, I used a colander to drain the grease from the sauce…so all was good! It was yummy, especially for two people who are not really into spaghetti and red/meat sauce!


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