Recipe Cards

Last year I bought a Martha Stewart Recipe Box. In the box comes the dividers for you to separate your recipes. I figured this would take up little space in our kitchen and help me keep my recipes in one place. For the most part, if I was making something I had made in the past, I was using my iPad to look it up on my blog. This saves some time when making my grocery list and preparing the meal. I don’t have to search through the blog to find a recipe anymore.

Click below to download the template of my recipe card template.

Recipe Card Template


  1. Print on card stock
  2. If copying and pasting from a site, select “Paste Special” and choose “Unformatted Text”
  3. Use 9 pt font under Ingredients and Instructions
  4. The font I used is called “Chowderhead”


2 thoughts on “Recipe Cards

  1. Thanks for providing this! I had been on a desperate search to find recipe cards for over a year! I even looked online and couldn’t find a template that I liked. I ended up just typing them up in Word and then gluing them on to scrapbook paper/ pretty cardstock. I’ll be using this in the future – thanks so much BRR!

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