Blogs You Should Follow: Fudge Banana Swirl

I first mentioned Fudge Banana Swirl in August and again last week when I made the recipe for Tortellini Soup. I mentioned then that FBS is a blog designed by a mom and is intended for “hip parents”. I’m not a parent, but I have 42 “kids” and I guess I’m hip! Regardless, I really enjoy this blog. The writer, Chenin Boutwell, is a photographer that I have been following for years. Her photo blog for Boutwell Studio has amazing photography and should also be checked out!

A few of my favorite things from FBS are the recipes, books, and DIY.


I just made her Penne with Spinach, Sun-dried Tomatoes and Goat Cheese tonight and it was AMAZING. Adam and I were sad that there were no left overs!


As a teacher, I LOVE children’s books. I really enjoyed FBS’s feature on…

For Just One Day

and her most recent blog entry, BabyLit Board Books

DIY (Do it Yourself)

Mantle Bookshelf

Chalkboard Napkin Rings

Some other fun categories from the site (mostly for those hip moms) are:

High & Low

Chenin shows you two similar products. One that is “high” in price and one that is more affordable. My favorite feature: Play Kitchens, where the high is $410 and the low $28.


A collection of items based on a theme. My favorite Bonanza posts:

Back to School Bonanza

Lunchbox Bonanza

Style For the Family

This category has different apparel ideas for women, men, and kids.

I enjoyed her Christmas Gift Ideas for Women and Men. (I personally love #3 and #4)

And the “Hers and Yours” feature is just too much!

Hers & Yours (1)

Hers & Yours (2)

Hers & Yours (3)

Okay, okay…enough cuteness for one post!

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One thought on “Blogs You Should Follow: Fudge Banana Swirl

  1. I love the BabyLit board books! Especially Pride and Prejudice–counting through the classic. I almost purchased it, even though I’m 24 and childless. I suppose I could use my librarian job as a reason…

    I definitely need to add this blog to my favorites!

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