Valentine’s Day DIY

February 14th is now less than a month away. Here are some Do It Yourself ideas to get you in gear for Valentine’s Day.

Not So Traditional Valentine’s Day Cards/Gifts

First up is the DIY queen in my book, Ashley Ann Campbell from Under the Sycamore. From her comes two ideas using photos. The first is a Valentine’s Day bunting. She uses ribbon and photo prints that she added Free Speech bubbles to. The second uses black and white photos and more quote bubbles to add to a 6 pack of red Crush. Her DIY instructions were featured on Design Aglow.

Close Ups

Plum Adorable brings you a Fan(tache)tic free printable for a quick DIY card.

In keeping with the popular mustache theme, here is another from Blonde-Designs. Click the link for not only a downloadable PDF mustache, but also a PDF pair of lips for girls!

I love these super(hero) fun Valentine’s from Zakka Life

Dandee-Designs‘ “Eye on You”  idea is super cute and SUPER easy!

This Valentine provides what Tammy Mitchell says will be the “salty to cut through all the sweets”.  Visit her site to see what items you’ll need to make this “O-Fish-Ally” Valentine.

The last nontraditional card/gift idea comes from Eighteen 25 who got the idea from Lavish Me. Another idea of including photography into the card.

Subway Art

This subway art is a free download to print. It comes in many colors than what is seen below. From: Bonjour Blog

Eighteen 25 provides you with two links to download this subway art.

Valentine’s Day Lunch/Snack Ideas

Valentine’s Day falls on a Tuesday. So send your kids off with some of these cute lunch/snack ideas. The first three come from Lisa Storms and the last from This Lunch Rox.


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