This is my second post on Lego products and ideas. For the first post, go here.

For the Teacher

Lego Math: What kid wouldn’t love doing math this way?

The Lego Book. I bought a copy of this a week ago from for a discounted price. It’s no longer available on Fab, but can be bought on Amazon for $27. I can’t wait for it to come in and put it on the book shelf in my classroom.

For the Geek

Lego Island? Idea from

Lego Save the Date Magnets from Etsy @ $3 a piece.

For the Girl

As of January 1, 2012, Lego released a series called “Friends”. A Lego collection for girls. The below pictures is “Olivia’s Tree House”. It goes for $20.

For Play

Lego Shelf

DIY Lego Table from Meet the Dubiens

Lego PlayWall Set from Enasco. Not exactly sure why they are $190???

For Fun

Lego Cake Mold for $35 at Amazon

Lego Bunting idea and how to from Zakka Life

Star Wars Lego Pens can be found on Ebay, Amazon, and Lego’s site

Lego Ad from 1982 🙂


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