Bucket List

Pinterest started having a bunch of pins from Perfect Bucket List Tumblr. The majority of them are pretty silly, for example “eat only bacon for an entire day”. What??!

However, there were some that caught my eye. Throughout the past month or so, I’ve pinned a few bucket list items that I think are reasonable and reachable. So here it goes…

From Left to Right…

  1. Pay for a stranger’s groceries… a month or so ago, I saw a post by Drewb on her Momtog site that I follow. For her 31st birthday, she did 31 random acts of kindness 31 on my 31st. Among the other 30 acts she did, Drew bought a gift card while checking out at the grocery store and then handed it to the cashier to use on their own groceries.
  2. Have children
  3. Work for Disney (World)
  4. Chop down my own Christmas tree
  5. Have a son… of course a daughter would be nice too, but I think not growing up with a brother has made me want to have a little boy running around my house. I’m ready to step on Legos and fight with light sabers and Nerf guns!
  6. Visit Ground Zero
  7. Have a wardrobe I actually like… and the money to buy it ;)
  8. Learn to play piano (or violin…either would do)
  9. Have a big family
  10. Learn fluent French… I work at an International School where we have Immersion for French, Spanish, and Chinese. I would LOVE to be able to communicate with my coworkers (and students) in more than just English. Since I know a little bit of Spanish, I think French would be fun!
  11. See a Broadway play (in New York City)… Wicked would be nice. I get goose bumps just thinking about it!
  12. Feel comfortable in my own skin
  13. Take ballet lessons
  14. Grow my own food… vegetables, fruits, herbs
  15. Make a quilt… after seeing Julie Carson from Joy’s Hope make a quilt with the help of Back Porch Quilters, I want to “quilt” my own quilt too!
  16. Have my own personal library in my house… this is more of something I’d love to see Adam have
  17. Go into the airport and buy tickets for a random flight
  18. Visit Pixar Studios… <3
  19. Watch the ball drop in Times Square
  20. Adopt a child… Whether I can have children of my own or not, the idea of adopting is there. In the past year two of the blogs I follow have shared their adoption stories. I’ve shared them on Facebook, but in case you haven’t checked them out, here are the links: Andrew + Carissa and Under the Sycamore. Andrew and Carissa have had a long journey to adopt Rinah, a little girl from Uganda. I first heard about Rinah when I saw this video: Rinah Video. Rinah came home just in time for the holiday season :)  Ashley Ann and her family are adopting from China. They are still in the progress and I love seeing their step by step process to bring home their new daughter.

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