This is part 2 of my favorite DIY items. You can find part 1 here.

From Cottage Hill comes this Dry Erase Calendar with Burlap. I love this idea so much and it’s SO easy. I’m thinking I will be making one of these for my desk area in my classroom!

I never really thought about wrapping something with yarn or string until I posted about the fall wreaths in my Halloween and Fall DIY post. I love these two ideas. The monogramed “wreath” is sold on ETSY here, but is something you could do yourself. The wire and yarn word idea comes from Re-Nest.

Bloomacious mentions this bookshelf made from an old wooden spool. I want one!

Dana Made It made these adorable Disney onsies and pants. The onsies were plain white Gerber onsies that she dyed. She then used freezer paper to stencil on Mickey and Goofy. She used clearance adult sized tshirts to make the pants. How much does this make you want to learn to sew?

This one’s for my mom! She saves corks from wine bottles. Here’s something you can do with them. From

I found this next idea on Pinterest and it didn’t link to the original source 😦  It’s a cute idea. You could either paint it black and stencil on with white or you can use chalkboard paint and chalk.

These shelves are SO cute. The first set looks like either wood or wine boxes. The second set is made from dresser or chest drawers. Love the colors; spray paint is your friend!

This idea from Design Sponge is really neat for people who enter their home mainly through the kitchen (like me!). A place to put your keys or jacket that fits with kitchen decor.

Sweetest Littles shows you how to make your own playhouse using PVC pipe! Again, I will need to learn to sew.

I like this idea of using the newspaper from a special event (wedding day, day your child was born) to use as a backdrop or matte for photographs. Thanks Emily A Clark

I can’t have a DIY post without some items from my favorite blogger and DIYer Ashley Ann Campbell from Under the Sycamore! Here’s her PVC Foam Swords and Fabric Covered Pots.


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