Back to School Lunch and Snack Ideas

With the new school year quickly approaching, I want to share some fun ideas, products, and ways to present and organize lunches/snacks for children.

I am a teacher and see some fun ways of presenting food and awesome products. Here are a few of my favorite things!


Critter Cookie Cutters from The Lunch Punch.

Jill Dubien from Meet the Dubiens has TONS of ideas in her “Fun Food Friday” posts. The next two pictures show you two of my favorites. I love owls (an owl post coming soon) and I really like how she included the letter “L” with the lion.

Melissa at Another Lunch has what she calls “Tin Monday” posts where she shows ways of presenting lunch and snacks in muffin tins. I LOVEEE THIS! Go check out her site to see all of the wonderful ideas she has. (The truck and frog prince were made from cookie cutters from The Lunch Punch.)

This Lunch Rox shows you ways to make your kid’s lunch box “rox”!

How cute is this little bunny sandwich from Lisa Storms?


Real Simple show you how you can use a big bin to organize snacks in the fridge and pantry. The use of ziplock bags and small containers make it easy for kids to get something and go.


DIY paper plates for picnics (or not) from Martha Stewart

MySunshineDesigns Etsy Shop sells different pattern reusable bags. These reduce the use of Ziplocks and can be cleaned with soap and water! $6.49

I’m sure everyone’s seen the commercials for Gyro Bowl? They’re pretty cool. Food inside the bowl will not spill. Good for car rides and letting kids walk around the house with snacks. $14.99

I can’t tell you how fun this Lickety Spoon is. You can get it on Amazon for $10!


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