Center Labels

How To Make Center Labels in Word:

  1. Open a Blank Document in Microsoft Word
  2. To add the border, go to “Insert”, “Picture”, “Autoshapes”. From there choose the “Basic Shapes” and find the rounded square. Make the square the size you would like it on your center bins.
  3. To add the text, go to “Insert”, “Textbox”. Type the name of the center items in your favorite font. I used DJ Bumble.
  4. After you find pictures of your items (I used Google and found them all very quickly), you will just need to copy and paste. You will have to do some size readjustment to make it fit inside your box.
**TIP: If you right click on the text box, picture, or border, you can “Arrange” it to go “In Front” or “Behind Text”. This will help if there is any overlapping.
Idea from Kindertastic

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