I am a Neat Freak. There, I said it.

Neat freak, organized, OCD, clean. I am all of these things. The majority of the time it drives others around me crazy, but it’s something I am. I can’t work in a dirty or unorganized kitchen, I can’t teach in a messy classroom. “Everything has it’s place”. I admit that on occasion my organizational patterns has drove me a little crazy…just a little. My family, friends, and most likely my students will tell you that I have to have certain pieces of furniture or items in my house and classroom at a certain position or angle. I don’t leave work unless my classroom looks “good” and I can’t go to bed unless everything is as it should be. CRAZY! I know.

I have collected some ways to be even MORE organized. These items and DIY projects are just a few of my favorite (neat freak) things!

A bathroom drawer that helps keep your hair styling accessories organized. I need this. I currently throw my brushes, dryer, and hair products into a cloth bin hidden beneath the bathroom sink.

Kitchen storage that goes around the sink pipes ūüôā

Using wire CD/DVD racks to organize tupperware lids.

How cool is this? And when I have kids, I won’t have to cover my outlets with those plastic covers!

This is the VacPan Automatic Dustpan and I want one! I use to go to a salon that had this set up to sweep the hair into. I never thought that it could be installed in a house!

The Family Handyman shows you how to utilize the space under your cabinets for extra storage.

Love how these drawers are designed to organize utensils, tupperware, and plates.

The organization queen, Martha Stewart, shows you how to take a chest and make it into a Mini Office.

Willow Creek Designs on ETSY sells these Daily Organization Chalkboards for $34.95

Refrigerator storage from The Container Store

Placing magnets inside old tea tins creates storage space on your refrigerator or stove hood.

These are garden baskets that are hung in a bedroom for storage. Brilliant!

Copco makes these “bag to container” pieces. Everyone hates stale chips, crackers, cookies, and cereal. These keep everything sealed so that they can be stored and kept fresh.

This is a shoe organizer from a dollar store turned car organizer. Cute!

An old window shutter and some spray paint. I love this DIY project to get the mail off the countertops!

Love this bathroom linen closet. The bins were labeled using yarn…YARN! How cute?


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